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Baldur's Gate 2 Online Walkthrough by Montresor

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Overview of Chapter 5  |  Quests in Chapter 5 
Areas in Chapter 5
The Underdark  |  Adalon's Lair  |  Ust Natha  |  The Beholder Dungeon  |  The Mind Flayer Dungeon  |  The Kuo-Toa Dungeon  |  The Exit Area  

Ust Natha
The Ust Natha Tavern  |  Female Fighters' Society  |  Male Fighters' Society  |  The Temple of Lolth  |  Qilue's Home  |  Deirex' Tower  |  House Jae'llat  


To enter Ust Natha, you must first have visited Adalon in her lair and gotten her quest to Rescue Adalon's Eggs. Adalon will have cast an illusion on your party making you appear as Drow. But you will have to act your role as well, or the Drow may realize that something is wrong.

As you walk into the city, you see a gnomen slave who refuses to work any longer and is killed by the slaver. The slaver is then killed by his mistress for destroying a valuable piece of property.

After all, slaves are expensive and hard to come by. And she has other sons...

This should give you an idea of what kind of society you can expect here, and what kind of personality you will have to emulate.

Welcome to Ust Natha!

  1. Here is the exit to the Underdark.

  2. Up on this platform is where Solaufein will be waiting for you after you have met him at the Male Fighters' Society, and after you have saved Phaere.

  3. Here is the Ust Natha Bazaar. After you have saved Phaere, a Duergar will approach you and demand that you speak with his master. This master turns out to be an Aboleth, a mind-reading fish, in the large tank to the left of the Bazaar. The Aboleth demands that you Fetch the Brain of the Drow Priestess Qilue, or it will disclose your true identity to the city. You can either accept the quest or threaten the Aboleth with exposure in return. You get 12,000 XP for counter-bullying the Aboleth and only 10,000 XP for completing the quest; nonetheless accepting the quest is recommended, both for the killing XP you gain in Qilue's Home and for a few nifty items.

    There are also three Drow merchants here. The one to the lower left at (x=1060, y=3340) sells scrolls. Click here for shop inventory.

    The merchant to the upper left at (x=1030, y=3090) sells mostly weapons and scrolls. Click here for shop inventory.

    The last merchant to the upper right at (x=1230, y=3000) sells potions. Click here for shop inventory.

  4. Here a Djinn named Dola Fadoon is being tortured by the Drow. If you wish, you can kill the Djinn to relieve it from its pain. However, you will then need to bribe the Overseer Handmaiden into "forgetting" what you did. The price is 4,000 GP but the party earns 5,000 XP.

  5. Up here you can buy various slaves. If you buy a slave, it will follow you everywhere in the city of Ust Natha but not out into the Underdark or into buildings, which makes the slaves rather pointless. Besides, after some time they will attack you...

  6. Here is the entrance to the Ust Natha Tavern.

  7. Here is a Mind Flayer diplomat being instructed by the Drow.

  8. Here are more slaves. To buy them, you must be favored of an influential house. Once you have gotten the Fetch Blood from a Neighboring Race quest, you are favored of the Despana House and can buy the slaves without arms and equipment for 1,000 XP or fully equipped for 2,000 XP. If you buy them fully equipped you can then explain to them that you are setting them free, and that they should try to make it to the surface. This will earn you 7,500 XP and a reputation increase of 1.

  9. Here is the entrance to the Female Fighters' Society.

    The first time you pass here, you see an Elven Slave fleeing her master. Shortly after you are stopped by her master and asked if you have seen her. You can either tell the truth and lead him in the right direction, or tell a lie and let him search for her in vain. As far as I know there are no later repercussions either way.

    When you have gotten the last of the Ust Natha quests to Fetch some blood from a neighboring race, this is where a Handmaiden of Lolth named Taso Kala meets you and demands that you destroy a cult of Ghaunadaur at 16.

  10. Here is the entrance to Qilue's home. You need to come here in connection with the Aboleth's quest.

  11. Here is the entrance to House Jae'llat. You can only enter here if you have killed Deirex the Lich.

  12. Here is the entrance to the Male Fighters' Society. Here you will meet Solaufein for the first time, and you need to enter the society and kill him (or let him live) for Phaere later on.

  13. Here you can watch some spiders killing various slaves.

  14. After you have gotten the quest to Fetch blood from a neighboring race, this is where you will meet Visaj who wants to sell you his magical rope. By all means buy it, or bully him into handing it over for free.

  15. Here is the entrance to Deirex the Lich's tower. You need the Magical Rope from Visaj to enter.

    A little hint: The first time you enter, you will have no opportunity to fight Deirax the Lich. So don't bother putting up any magical defenses. However, you will soon have to enter the tower again, and this time DO put up defenses. A Lich battle awaits you inside.

  16. Here is where you will have to come to Kill a Beholder for Phaere and to Destroy a Cult of Ghaunadaur.

  17. Here is the entrance to the Temple of Lolth. You need to come here when you are ready for the Quest to fetch some blood from a neighboring race.

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