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Baldur's Gate 2 Online Walkthrough by Montresor

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Overview of Chapter 5  |  Quests in Chapter 5 
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After you have rescued Phaere, when you pass by the large glass tank at 3 in Ust Natha, a Duergar slave approaches you and demands that you speak with his master. Said master is a mind-reading fish, an Aboleth. When you speak to the tank, the Aboleth asks you to fetch it the brain of a Drow Priestess called Qilue.

And it doesn't seem you have much of a choice. The Aboleth can read your mind and knows that you're a surfacer in disguise, and it threatens to blow your cover if you don't play ball.

In fact you DO have a choice. Tell the Aboleth that if it tells on you, then you will tell on it, and it will back down. The party gains 12,000 XP.

However, it pays to accept the job:

  1. The entrance to Qilue's home is at 10 in Ust Natha. Go there, and prepare for battle before entering. Make sure your Mages have a few Breach or Dispel Magic spells ready.

  2. Enter Qilue's Home. As one might expect, Qilue and her servants aren't too happy to find a bunch of armed strangers in their home, so battle ensues.

  3. Kill Qilue and her servants, then loot Qilue's body for Qilue's Brain. Also, make sure to take the dagger Boneblade +4.

  4. Bring the brain back to the Aboleth. The party gains 10,000 XP. A bit less than if you had rejected the job but you get the killing XP for Qilue and her household, plus a +4 Dagger. Not a bad deal, really.

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