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Baldur's Gate 2 Online Walkthrough by Montresor

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Overview of Chapter 5  |  Quests in Chapter 5 
Areas in Chapter 5
The Underdark  |  Adalon's Lair  |  Ust Natha  |  The Beholder Dungeon  |  The Mind Flayer Dungeon  |  The Kuo-Toa Dungeon  |  The Exit Area  

Ust Natha
The Ust Natha Tavern  |  Female Fighters' Society  |  Male Fighters' Society  |  The Temple of Lolth  |  Qilue's Home  |  Deirex' Tower  |  House Jae'llat  


To enter here you must have the Magical Rope from Visaj at 14 in Ust Natha.

The first time you enter, the Lich immediately casts Imprisonment on you. However, you are whisked away to Jarlaxle's stronghold and he sends you back to immediately outside the tower. Thus, before entering for the first time you don't need to put up any magical defenses. But this is strongly recommended before entering the second time. ;-)

  1. Here is the entrance from Ust Natha.

  2. Here is Deirax the Lich. You'll have to fight him eventually; a matter of tearing down his magical defenses and then pummeling him till he dies.

    When he goes down, he drops the Jae'llat Wardstone and the Lich's Tooth.

    The closet at the back of the room contains Scrolls of Wizard Eye, Glitterdust, and Deafness.

  3. This room contains three closets. The leftmost one at (x=1110, y=700) is trapped and contains Armor of the Viper +5.

    The rightmost closet at (x=1620, y=870) contains Scrolls of Remove Magic and Contagion and some minor treasure.

    Finally, the topmost closet at (x=1530, y=550) contains Scrolls of Limited Wish, Melf's Minute Meteor, and Spook, plus Deirex's Gems which Jarlaxle wanted you to fetch.

You can only gain access to the second floor after you have killed Deirex the Lich and taken the Lich's Tooth from him.

  1. Here is an entrance from Ust Natha.

  2. Here is another entrance from Ust Natha.

  3. Loot this lake for: Crossbow of Affliction +4, Ring of Clumsiness, Scrolls of Ruby Ray of Reversal and Cacofiend, a Wand of Frost, a Wand of Magic Missile, a Short Sword +2, a Spear +3, a Two-handed Sword +2, a Rogue Stone, 2 King's Tears, 3 Moonbar Gems, 5 Pearls, and 1,123 GP.

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