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Baldur's Gate 2 Online Walkthrough by Montresor

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Overview of Chapter 5  |  Quests in Chapter 5 
Areas in Chapter 5
The Underdark  |  Adalon's Lair  |  Ust Natha  |  The Beholder Dungeon  |  The Mind Flayer Dungeon  |  The Kuo-Toa Dungeon  |  The Exit Area  


In the Svirfneblin settlement in the top left corner of the Underdark map, speak to Goldander Blackenrock at 15. He will ask you to do the Svirfneblin a favor. In return, he can help you get into the Drow city of Ust Natha.

Apparently the Svirfneblin have been digging a little too deep and released a Balor (major Lord of the Rings reference – the Balrog of Moria!), and now they need you to help them be rid of it. He will direct you to a lady called Adalon, but you will need a Light Gem to enter her lair. The Light Gem is yours, once you have killed the Balor and sealed off the tunnel it came through.

(Of course you can also kill Goldander for the Light Gem but why not take the experience for killing a Demon?)

  1. Goldander gives you a Stoneshape Scroll to seal off the tunnel, then sends you on your way.

  2. Go to 18 on the Underdark map and speak to the Svirfneblin there. He opens the door to let you enter.

  3. Make your preparations, including making sure as many as possible are wielding +3 weapons and are protected from Stun and Holding spells. Then click the dark pit a couple of times to summon the Balor. Kill it for 26,000 XP.

  4. Give the Stoneshape Scroll to a mage and use it from a quick item slot to seal the tunnel, lest any more Balrog ... I mean, Balors should make their way in.

  5. Return to Goldander Blackenrock and report your success. Each party member receives 25,000 XP. In addition, Goldander gives you the Light Gem and the Skullcrusher +3 mace, which would have been really useful for fighting the Balor!

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