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Baldur's Gate 2 Online Walkthrough by Montresor

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Areas in Chapter 2: Athkatla
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Areas Outside Athkatla
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The Temple District
Temple of Lathander  |  Temple of Helm  |  Temple of Talos  |  Order of the Most Radiant Heart  |  The Guarded Compound  


This well-protected structure in the Temple District is the home of a group of Slaver Lords. Enter at your own risk! ;-)

  1. This is where you enter the compound from the Temple District. You will be met by Sion and Ketta who make it very clear that you are not welcome.

    If you don't apologize and leave, Sion and Ketta teleport away.

  2. When you get to approximately this place, a number of creatures teleport in: An Ettercap, two Ogre Berserkers, an Efreeti, a Nishruu, and a Glabrezu.

  3. The chest at (x=630, y=1490) contains a Greenstone Ring.

    The cupboard at (x=730, y=1260) contains a Potion of Agility.

  4. In this room are six chests. Taking them from left to right:

    The chest at (x=140, y=1200) contains cash.

    The chest at (x=229, y=1160) contains a Silver Ring and an Iol Gem.

    The chest at (x=310, y=1090) contains a Tiger Cowrie Shell Necklace.

    The chest at (x=390, y=1040) is trapped and contains a Scroll of Conjure Lesser Earth Elemental and a Morning Star +2.

    The chest at (x=460, y=990) contains a Bloodstone Gem and 1 GP.

    Finally, the chest at (x=540, y=940) contains 4 Acid Arrows.

  5. The cupboard at (x=1660, y=220) contains an Angel Skin Ring.

  6. Here are the stairs to the second floor. Before going up, prepare for battle!

  1. Here is where you arrive from the first floor. Beware; there are traps on all paths leading into the room. You can do yourself a favor by having a Thief detect and disarm the traps while the rest of the party stays close to the stairs and fights with spells and ranged weapons.

    You will immediately be attacked by the Slave Lords. Try to get a few offensive spells off as soon as possible. Your enemies are:

    Ketta - a Thief who likes to drink Potions of Invisibility and backstab. Drops 140 GP, up to 10 Potions of Invisibility, Leather Armor +3, and a Short Sword +2.

    Koshi - a Fighter. Drops 120 GP, Oil of Speed, a Helmet, 2 Potions of Extra Healing, a Katana +1, and the katana Celestial Fury +3.

    Sion - a Mage. Drops 75 GP and an Adventurer's Robe.

    Stahlman - a Cleric who is fond of Fear and Chaos spells. Drops 20 GP, Plate Mail +1, and a Mace +2.

    Maferan - a Minotaur fighter. Drops a Helm of Charm Protection, 3 Potions of Extra Healing, Full Plate Mail +1, a Large Shield +2, and a Battle Axe +2.

    Olaf Rassmusen - an Orog Fighter. Drops Full Plate Mail +1, Two-handed Sword +2, Helm of Defense, 3 Potions of Extra Healing, and a Potion of Regeneration.

  2. There are three crates with treasure in this room:

    - At (x=1330, y=330): Contains 8 Bullets +1.

    - At (x=1540, y=410): Contains a Silver Necklace and a Bloodstone Gem.

    - At (x=1700, y=410): Contains a Scroll of Identify and a Lynx Eye Gem.

  3. The safe at (x=1670, y=570) contains 866 GP, a Wand of Fear and 4 Arrows of Fire.

    The table at (x=1780, y=480) contains a Potion of Mind Focusing and a Spear +3.

    The trapped table at (x=1840, y=440) contains another Spear +3.

  4. The two cupboards at (x=2340, y=740) can be looted for a bit of cash and a Skydrop Gem.

  5. The rightmost cupboard at (x=1250, y=1410) can be looted for a Sling +2 and 10 Bullets +2.

  6. Finally, in this room there are four chests.

    The chest at (x=570, y=1180) is trapped and contains a Wand of Paralyzation, 9 Arrows +1, and 8 Arrows of Piercing.

    The chest at (x=440, y=1260) is trapped and contains 20 Bolts of Lightning, 20 Bolts +2, and 7 Darts: Asp's Nest.

    The chest at (x=230, y=1140) is trapped and contains 10 Darts of Wounding and a Wand of Frost.

    And finally, the chest at (x=380, y=1040) is not trapped! But alas, it only contains a small amount of coin.

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