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The Child of Five Suns

This is the personal quest of Pallegina, and begins the moment she joins your party after you've completed the quest called At All Costs.

First Fires

  1. She will want you to speak to somebody named Agosti in the Vailian Embassy, which is at #9 on the First Fires map.

  2. Vialian Embassy

  3. You start off at #1 on the Embassy map. Vicent Agosti will be at #4. Early in the conversation there will be two opportunities to select dialogue options that increase Diplomatic disposition, Stoic disposition, or Aggressive and Passionate disposition at the same time.

    The short of it is that Agosti wants to destabilize Dyrwood so as to open up trade with the Glanfathans, leading to short-term economic gain for the Vialian Republics. Pallegina has objections to the idea, since the implication is that if animancy gets outlawed in Dyrwood, it provides an impetus to outlaw animancy in the Republics as well, which may prove to be against the Republics' long-term interests.

    At some point another dialogue branch opens up whereby you can select a Benevolent option that sides with Pallegina, a Rational option that sides with Agosti, or a Stoic option that remains neutral That is soon followed by another dialogue branch that has Deceptive, Diplomatic, Honest and Stoic replies.

    There will be another two points in the conversation whereby you can choose Benevolent or Passionate replies that side with Pallegina, or Rational replies that side with Agosti.

  4. Hearthsong

  5. The entrance to the Passage of Six is at #5 on the Hearthsong map.

  6. Passage of Six

  7. Anamenfath Bethwyl is at #3 on the Passage of Six map. Pallegina will pause for conversation as you approach the Anamenfath. She wants your opinion on what she should do. You could dismiss her out of hand with a Cruel dialogue option. If you hear her out, two distinct possibilities open up. Benevolent and Passionate replies encourage her to renegotiate the treaty on terms that she thinks will better serve the Republics' interests in the long-run, although she is convinced that doing so will result in expulsion from her Paladin Brotherhood. Diplomatic and Rational replies encourage her to comply with her orders from the Ducs.

  8. Now it's time to actually speak to the Anamenfath. Three choices become available. Shrugging means she'll fall in with your previous suggestion as you approached. Nodding with a smile will cause Pallegina to broker her revised agreement. Shaking your head will cause her to negotiate the treaty terms that the Ducs themselves want.

    Pallegina will afterwards question her choice. Dialogue options that increase either Benevolent disposition, or both Cruel and Rational disposition at the same time, are possible.

    The brokering of the trade treaty, whichever form it takes, marks the completion of the quest.

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