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NWN 2: Storm of Zehir Online Walkthrough by David Milward

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Quest Items

Alchemy Notes
Location: In the desk in the Alchemist’s House at #3.

Arcane Attenuator 
Location: Sold by the Thayan Merchant in the Thayan Enclave at #2.

Batari Key
Location: Carried by Zechrrog in the cave of the Stone Knives Tribe at #3.

Batari Keystone
Location: Given to you by Lastri in the tavern of Samargol after you rescue her from the Stone Knives Tribe.

Bottle of Deepwine
Location: Sold by Zhiir in the Underdark Black Market after Ottelar in Tarven gives you a quest for it.

Caged Glacier Snake
Location: Sold by Xor’ll in the Underdark Black Market.

Charged Arcane Attenuator
Location: Obtained when you use an Arcane Attenuator on an Arcane Nexus.

Chieftain’s Key
Location: Carried by the Lizardfolk Chieftain in the Dragon Caves at #10.

Distilled Toxin
Location: Given to you by Dall Nickleplate in the Lumber Camp after you complete his tasks.

Flawless Gem
Location: Acquired from Cuamogh in the Shattered Spear Tribe, either by slaughtering the tribe for it or giving her the Shattered Spear in exchange.

Garrison Key
Location: Carried by Rynne Shepherd in the garrison in Port Llast at #3.

Gnomish Remains
Location: In the Lumber Camp at #7 after you subdue the Gnome Ghost.

Goodwife’s Cloak
Location: Carried by the Lizardfolk Chieftain in the Dragon Caves at #10.

Green Vial
Location: In the desk in the Alchemist’s House at #3.

High Priest’s Journal
Location: Carried by the Shadow High Priest in the Shadow Cult at #7.

Missing Widget
Location: Can be recovered from the Sickly Megaraptor who appears on the Overland Map after you get a quest to recover it from Dall Nickleplate in the Lumber Camp.

Neverwinter City Pass
Location: Give to you by whichever merchant cartel you join in the Temple of Waukeen.

Location: Given to you by Vadin’ya in Open Palm Bazaar in exchange for another pet, like the Caged Glacier Snake.

Purple Vial
Location: In the desk in the Alchemist’s House at #3.

Ruin Fragment
Location: In the Ruined Temple at #3.

Sauringar Tome
Location: In the Ruined Temple at #3.

Serpentine Figurine
Location: Carried by a Bandit Captain who leads an attack on you after asking the Quartermaster in Red Leaf’s Tavern about the shortage of trade goods.

Shattered Spear
Location: In the Ruined Temple at #7.

Tempest’s Fury Research
Location: In a chest in Tempest’s Fury at #7.

Vault Key
Location: In chests in Tempest’s Fury at #3, #4, and #5.
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