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NWN 2: Storm of Zehir Online Walkthrough by David Milward

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Samarach:   The Vigilant  |  Samarach Overland Map  |  Batari Cave  |  Lantassan Lumber Camp  |  Mines of Selgol  |  Nimbre  |  Omgar's Teeth  |  Open Palm Bazaar  |  Ruined Temple  |  Shattered Spear Tribe  |  Ship Wreck  |  Singing Caverns  |  Stone Knives Tribe  |  Tempest's Fury  |  Underdark Black Market

Samarach Overland Map

Samarach Overland Map

  1. Here is the town of Samargol. Anytime you run into a town, you have a number of options. You can visit the shrine, or visit the local tavern. Note that even here, you have more than one option. For example, you can enter the locations directly, or you can avail yourself of renting a room or getting healing services while still remaining in the Overland Map. At various places throughout the Overland Map, you can find places that have ores, lumber, and hides. You therefore have the option to trade these with a town in return for trade bars. The trade bars can then be given to Osi in exchange for gold. Samargol however is the only town with a market place that you can enter and visit, the Open Palm Bazaar.

    At various points along the map, you will find unique encounters. Examples include a Hag named Sister Horta, a Fire Giant looking for fun, and One of Many of Mask of the Betrayer infamy. You can either fight them, or make conversational skill checks (e.g. Diplomacy) to avoid a fight and earn an experience reward. You won’t be able to defeat One of Many until you’re a high level party. If and when you do beat him, he’ll leave behind the Imarskarcana.

    One final note. With the exception of Samargol, the tavern in each town will have an individual that seems to stand out from the rest of the crowd, an individual that has a quest for you.

  2. Here is the entrance to the Ship Wreck.

  3. Here is the entrance to the Underdark Black Market.

  4. Here is the town of Ratassan. In the local tavern, Redfeyer would like you to retrieve his Singing Pendant for him, which can be found in the nearby Singing Caverns. Once you bring it back to him, you’ll get 700xp and gold as a reward.

  5. Here is a cabin. Investigate inside and you’ll find a journal that indicates someone is being plagued by a ghost.

  6. Here is the entrance to the Singing Caverns.

  7. Here is the entrance to a cave that is home to a large number of ogres. Use area effect spells here if you’ve got any. The cave itself is simple. The Ogres will leave behind a number of mundane items, as well as a Kama +1.

  8. Here is the entrance to Nimbre.

  9. Here is the town of Tarven. A Halfling in the local taven named Ottelar would like you to get a Bottle of Deepwine. It can be purchased from Zhiir in the Underdark Black Market. You’ll get 600xp and 5,500 gp for your efforts.

  10. Here is a crypt. Inside are a couple of sarcophagi, which hold a number of items including a Scimitar +2. If you help yourself to any of the contents in the sarcophagi, about 4 Wraiths will attack you. Have either magical weapons or damaging spells, preferably both, ready. In fact, taking a moment to have a fighter equip the scimitar is a good idea.

  11. Here is the entrance to Tempest’s Fury.

  12. Here is a cave with Fire Newts inside. Be sure to make for their Sorcerer as quick as you can, since he can churn out fire spells with abandon without fear of damaging the other Newts. There are only mundane items to be found here.

  13. Here is the entrance to some Mines that have quite a number of Shadows that will attack the party. One can only expect to find mundane items in here.

  14. Here is the town of Torich. In the local tavern, a man wants you to clear out the nearby Mines of Selgol of Fire Newts. Complete his task, and you’ll get 600xp and some gold for your efforts.

  15. Here is a Viper Temple, which is closed off for now, along with the rest of the northern portion of the overland map.

  16. Here is a cave in which a Fell Troll resides. This troll dishes out a lot of damage, and tries to mow down the party one member at a time. A workable strategy is to surround and flank him, and then mark which party member he singles out for attacks. Now make a point of casting protective spells like Stoneskin and Barkskin on the member, and keep a careful eye on the hit points. Spells like Melf’s Acid Arrow and Flame Arrow don’t hurt either. The Fell Troll leaves behind a Amulet of Natural Armor +3 and a Ring of Protection +3.

  17. Here is the entrance to the Shattered Spear Tribe.

  18. Here is the entrance to the Ruined Temple.

  19. Here is a tower with several Bugbears. One of them will leave behind a Warmace +1.

  20. Here is a crypt that has some assorted treasure, as well as a number of armored skeletons protecting it.

  21. Here is a cave with a few Kobolds, and some mundane items, inside.

  22. Here are some ruins with some Lizardfolk in them. You’ll also find some gems as well. Also within plain sight is an Arcane Nexus. The significance of this will not be apparent until much later in the game.

  23. Here is the entrance to the Stone Knives Tribe.

  24. Here is the entrance to the Lantassan Lumber Camp.

  25. Here is the entrance to the Chokemist Cave. This won’t appear until much later, and when you get a quest for it. Inside, you’ll find a spy working for the Yuan-ti, Juaire. Kill him and his Corrupted Spiders, and then the game will progress towards the Sword Coast. Once slain, he will leave behind an Amulet of Natural Armor +1 and a Saboteur’s Stiletto.
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