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NWN 2: Storm of Zehir Online Walkthrough by David Milward

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Samarach:   The Vigilant  |  Samarach Overland Map  |  Batari Cave  |  Lantassan Lumber Camp  |  Mines of Selgol  |  Nimbre  |  Omgar's Teeth  |  Open Palm Bazaar  |  Ruined Temple  |  Shattered Spear Tribe  |  Ship Wreck  |  Singing Caverns  |  Stone Knives Tribe  |  Tempest's Fury  |  Underdark Black Market

Open Palm Bazaar

Open Palm Bazaar

  1. SamargolThis is where the Samarchal patrol brings your party and the rest of the crew. You're immediately under suspicion as potential spies or enemies of Samarach. However, a merchant named Sa'Sani intervenes and is apparently interested in your services as adventurers. You're then given free run of the bazaar. Also nearby is the city gate that allows you to enter the Overland Map.

  2. Here you’ll find a doomsayer who drops vague hints of the impending Spellplague, the cataclysm that explains the Forgotten Realms transition to D&D 4th edition magic system.

  3. Entrance to Leira’s Trick. There are two notable purposes to coming here. One is that there’s a party register near the door so that you can bring on or dismiss NPCs that you find along the way. The other is that you can speak to the innkeeper to rest up.

  4. Entrance to the Crafting Station. Once inside, you'll find the usual, Magician’s workbench, Alchemist’s workbench, and a Blacksmith’s workbench. You’ll also find a trunk that contains some crafting recipes and raw materials for crafting.

  5. Entrance to the Shrine of Waukeen. The Cleric of Waukeen inside provides healing services and sells mostly mundane items. Notable items that he does have for sale include a Bone Wand, a Coin of Life, a Magic Bag, and a Stone of Alarm.

  6. Here you’ll find two characters. One is a Ranger named Inshula Shar Mashewe who is willing to join your party for 500 gp.

    The other is a bounty collector named Kwesi, who offers gold for body parts from various creatures. The onus is naturally on you to kill them when you encounter them, scavenge for body parts, and then bring them back to Kwesi. Kwesi sometimes lets the party in on very specific bounties that she's seeking.

  7. Here you’ll find a merchant named Irim Mendar who sells the following:

    Fighter Helmet
    Horse Hair Helmet
    Noble’s Cap
    Paladin’s Helmet
    Watchman’s Helm
    Stone of Alarm

  8. Here you’ll find a merchant named Vadin’ya, and her bodyguard, Artiuk. She sells:

    Adamantine Helm
    Banded Mail +1
    Belt of Agility +2
    Belt of Strength +2
    Boots of Elvenkind
    Boots of Striding +2
    Bracers of Armor +1
    Belt of Dexterity +2
    Breastplate +1
    Chain Shirt +1
    Cloak of Elvenkind
    Cloak of Fortitude +1
    Cloak of Protection +1
    Cloak of Resistance +1
    Craftsman’s Belt
    Full Plate +1
    Gauntlets of Ogre Power
    Gloves of Swordplay
    Gloves of the Hin Fist +1
    Gloves of the Yellow Rose +1
    Half Plate +1
    Heavy Shield +1
    Hide Armor +1
    Leather Armor +1
    Lesser Weighted Hands
    Light Shield +1
    Mage’s Belt
    Mage’s Skullcap
    Noble’s Cap
    Padded Armor +1
    Paladin Helmet
    Scale Mail +1
    Spiked Helmet
    Studded Leather Armor +1
    Swashbuckler’s Hat
    Tower Shield +1
    Wizard’s Hat
    Arrows +1
    Bolts +1
    Bullets +1
    Dagger +1
    Darts +1
    Falchion +1
    Greataxe +1
    Greatsword +1
    Halberd +1
    Handaxe +1
    Kama +1
    Kukri +1
    Light Hammer +1
    Longbow +1
    Long Sword +1
    Mace +1
    Quarterstaff +1
    Rapier +1
    Scimitar +1
    Short Sword +1
    Shortbow +1
    Sickle +1
    Sling +1
    Spear +1
    Warmace +1
    Amulet of Health +2
    Amulet of Natural Armor +1
    Amulet of Will +1
    Bone Wand
    Wand of Missiles
    Bag of Holding
    Lesser Magic Bag
    Magic Bag
    Magic Pouch
    Stone of Alarm

    SamargolVadin’ya also has a number of quests for you. The first one is to find the tusks of a powerful Dire Boar named Bal-alak. You’ll find him on the overland map. Kill him, and then bring his tusks back for 750gp.

    Her next task for you is to find a flaming axe for her bodyguard. What you need specifically is the Greataxe of Flame from the Mines of Selgol. Bring the axe back to her for 3000 gp. Once this quest is finished, she’ll have these additional items available for sale in her inventory:

    Archer's Belt
    Brawler's Belt
    Chainmail +1
    Gloves of Appraisal
    Gloves of Concentration
    Gloves of the Minstrel
    Headband of the Binder
    Lesser Boots of Tumbling
    Mask of Persuasion
    Nymph Cloak +2
    Sash of Shimmering
    Swordsman's Belt
    Bastard Sword +1
    Battle Axe +1
    Club +1
    Dwarven Waraxe +1
    Morningstar +1
    Warhammer +1

    Her last task for you is to retrieve a flawless gem from the Shattered Spear Tribe of Batari. You can either slaughter them for the gem, or fulfill their quest to return a sacred relic to them. Bring the gem back to Vadin’ya for 1,000xp and 5,000gp.

  9. Here you’ll find a Druid named Umoja, who is willing to join your party free of charge.

  10. Here you'll find Sa’Sani discussing vague matters with her cohorts. When she notices you, she begins to discuss employment with you. One task is to trade with the other towns. The idea is to find whatever you can in the way of Ores, Skins, or Lumber, and then trade with neighbouring towns for trade bars (sort of like bank notes in the way that gold is like cash). You do have the option of turning in trade bars for gold, but I don’t recommend this, since you’ll want as many trade bars as possible when you get to those parts of the game that take place in the Sword Coast (much later).

    Her other task for you is to search for any clues as to what caused the damage to the Vigilant.

    The more cargo you bring back and the more clues that you report, the more xp and gp you’ll get rewarded with. As I recall, I got 700xp for the cargo, and 600xp and 2200gp for all four pieces of evidence.

    Her next task for you is to uncover the fate of the captain of the Vigilant, Lastri, dead or alive. In the meantime, this also means that you can speak to Volo for additional sidequests. This means that the cave of the Stone Knives Tribe will now be accessible on the Overland Map. Rescue Lastri, and you’ll get 2000gp and 1000xp for your efforts.

    Lastri will drop a hint that she would like your help with something. Speak with her again in the nearby Leira’s Eye tavern, and she’ll let it be known that she would like you to investigate the Ship Wreck of the Vigilant again to discover the whereabouts or fate of her second mate. She’ll also give you a Batari Keystone so that you can open a previously inaccessible door leading to the Batari Cave. Once you rescue the second mate, you’ll get 1,000xp. Lastri can now join your party as a Lightfoot Halfling Swashbuckler.

    In the meantine, Sa’Sani has another task for you. She wants you to investigate whether an individual named Lauire was responsible for sabotaging the Vigilant. The catch is that she sent him to deliver a message to the gnomes at the Lantassan Lumber Camp, so you are to investigate matters there. Once you've completed the tasks that the Gnomes of the camp have for you, their leader will send you back with a Distilled Toxin as an avenue of further investigation.

    LuaireSa’Sani will then want you to trace the source of the toxin. She suggests speaking to Vadin’ya for information. Vadin’ya is quite willing to divulge that the poison will have come from the Chokemist Cave located at #25 on the Overland Map. Once inside the cave, you’ll have to defeat Juaire and his corrupted spiders. Bring back news of Juaire’s treachery to Sa’Sani, along with the suggestion that he is Yuan-ti, and matters come to a head for this part of the game. Sa’Sani is heading for Crossroad Keep via the portal at the Lantassan Lumber Camp and suggests that you follow suit. Head to the camp, and speak to the Gnome leader, Dall Nickleplate, to head through the portal. Except that you won’t arrive in Crossroad Keep just yet. You’ll find yourself in a crypt that’s loaded with traps, and skeletons controlled by a Necromancer. Once all the dangers are clear, search the sarcophagi. Among the loot you’ll find an Armor of Comfort. Leave through the door at the far end of the crypt, and you’ll arrive in the Sword Coast and the next part of the game.

  11. Here you will find Volo. You can speak to him for additional quests after investigating the Vigilant for Sa’sani. His first task for you is to investigate the lands about for him so that he can author another book. To get the most out of this, simply visit as many locations on the Overland Map as you can and then report back to him. Report enough locations to him for the Tourist feat. Report more and enough locations and the Tourist feat gets upgraded to the Wanderer feat (+1 to both Search and Spot).

    His next task for you is to find a talking bird for him. Speak to Vadin’ya about buying one. She wants another pet first. The solution is to buy a Caged Glacier Snake from Xor’ill in the Underdark Black Market. Bring it back to Vadin’ya in exchange for the Parrot. Bring the parrot back to Volo for 3000xp.

    Volo’s next task for you is to retrieve an artifact from a Yuan-ti temple. In the temple, you can find a Ruin Fragment. Bring it back to Volo for 1400gp.

    His next task for you is to bring him meat from a Megaraptor. Head towards the jungle of the north side of the Overland Map and you’ll run into the Megaraptor. Bring back the Dinosaur Steak for more experience points and gold.
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