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NWN 2: Storm of Zehir Online Walkthrough by David Milward

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Stone Knives Tribe

Stone Knives Tribe

  1. Here is the exit to the Overland Map.

  2. Here you’ll have to fight a few Stone Knives Batari. A nearby weapon rack holds a Kama +1 and an Onyx Spear.

  3. Stone KnivesHere you’ll encounter the Stone Knives chieftain, Zhechrrog, along with other high ranking Stone Knive members, such as a couple of Matrons and Elders. Also nearby is the missing captain of the Vigilant, Lastri. The chief will try to explain his actions as necessity, while Lastri will try to convince you that they deserve to die. No matter what skill checks you make or what dialogue options you choose, one thing is inevitable, combat. This one may prove easy however, since they are all clustered together in a tight group, so they can be nailed with multiple area effect spells. The Chieftain leaves behind a Batari Key, and the Shard of the Samarlogh. Other Batari leave behind various items, including Keening Reeds, a Bastard Sword +1, and a Dagger +1. You can use either the Open Lock skill or the Batari Key to free Lastri, who then makes her own way to Samargol.
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