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NWN 2: Storm of Zehir Online Walkthrough by David Milward

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Tempest’s Fury

Tempest’s Fury

  1. Here is the exit to the Overland Map. A little ahead and to the left will be an Arcane Nexus. The significance of this will not be apparent until much later.

  2. Here is a summoning circle in the center of the floor, along with a Sylph who drops some ominous background information that will explain things soon enough. Nearby is a skeletal corpse that holds a Scarab of Protection +1, a Quarterstaff +1, and Bracers of Armor +1.

  3. These and the other two rooms along the east contain some Ice Mephits and Water Elementals. Open one of the doors and you’ll have to fight all of them. In a chest in here, you’ll find a Ring of Minor Cold Resistance, Sorlyn’s Ditty, and one of the 3 Vault Keys that you’ll need to open the door at #6.

  4. The room in this chest holds another Vault Key, and an Empty Ring of Djinni Summoning.

  5. The room in this chest holds another Vault Key, and a Brooch of Shielding.

  6. You need all three vault keys to open this door.

  7. A chest in this room holds a Tower Shield +1, Gloves of Spellcraft, a Headband of the Binder, an Archer’s Belt, and the Tempest’s Fury Research that Zhiir wants. Once you open this chest though, the Djinni, Shamal, along with a few Air Elementals, will attack you. This battle can be horrible because Shamal can use spells like Chain Lightning and Ice Storm repeatedly while the Air Elementals block the doorway. You can however make things simple by targeting him with the Empty Ring of Djinni Summoning. This sucks him inside the ring and yields a Ring of Djinni Summoning.
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