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NWN 2: Storm of Zehir Online Walkthrough by David Milward

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Samarach Overland Map

Return to Samarach

    This is the same old Samarach that your explored during the early phases of the game. The critical difference is that the Viper Temple is now accessible, along with the northern portion of the area. Your objective is to make your way towards a final confrontation with evil Yuan-ti forces deep in the jungle.

  1. Here is the same old Lumber Camp. This is where you’ll find yourself when you step through the portal at Crossroad Keep in pursuit of Sa’Sani. What you need to do now is speak to Dall Nickelplate and bring up the subject of Sa’Sani. He’ll indicate that she fled to a temple to the northeast.

  2. Here is the Viper Temple, which is accesible now that Sa’Sani has fled here. You can journey through the Temple to arrive in the northern portion of the map.

  3. Here is the entrance to the Foreign Temple. This will appear on your map only after you have found enough Arcane Nexus for Akila, have helped out Sa’Sani with the battle in the Viper Temple, and then have spoken to Akila again about what is causing rifts in the Weave.

  4. Here is a Mine, which a Dwarven Clan is working with the assistance of some Elder Earth Elementals. The Dwarves will not be very appreciative of your presence and are not very forthcoming with help or information of any kind. They have a chest that contains quite a few precious gems, like Beljurils, King’s Tears, Blue Diamonds, and the like. If you try to break into it, the Dwarves and the Elementals will attack immediately. The Dwarven Foreman also happens to be carrying a Flail +3 and a Breastplate +3.

  5. Here is a Yuan-ti Ruin, which holds the rather unclear and supposedly portentious words, "... the fallen Hrr’Sha ... beloved of Irinya ... boundaries of death and beyond ... I will await, my love.

  6. Here is an Abandoned Camp, which apparently sticks out like a sore thumb unto itself. Oh well.

  7. Here is a Yuan-ti Temple, which is empty, and apparently serves no purpose other than to remind you that the Yuan-ti are in upheaval and fighting amongst themselves.

  8. Here is a Barrow that has quite a few Ogre Magi in it. The items they leave behind will include a Warmace +3, a Greataxe +3, and a Hide Armor +3.

  9. Here is Zechorian’s Demesne. To even be able to enter this area, you need to be able to make a high Spellcraft check, at least 35+. Once you’re in, you find yourself in a small room with a Floating Skull (don’t worry about him), and a lot of traps. A few Dread Wraiths will also attack you. Unlock the trapped door and move on to the next level. The second room has quite a few Hellfury Skeletons. Try to take these down as quickly as possible with spells that emphasize cold and lightning, because they can repeatedly use an ability that resembles the Fire Storm spell. The third level is where you meet Zechorian, an Illithid Lich, as well as two Vampire Lords. Before entering this fight, protect yourself with spells like Holy Aura and Protection from Energy, and anything else that will minimize harm to yourself. If you’re taking a beating, have a Cleric cast Mass Heal, which has the two fold benefit of healing your party members and inflicting positive energy damage on the undead. Your foes will leave behind a Ring of Protection +4, Bracers of Armor +8, a Halberd +4, a Ring of Major Fire Resistance, a Morningstar +4, a Chainmail +4, and a Ring of Divine Power (5).

  10. Here is a Ruined Shrine that holds a Wand of Restoration and a Periapt of Wisdom +6.

  11. Here is the entrance to the Temple of the World Serpent, beginning with the Entry Hall.
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