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NWN 2: Storm of Zehir Online Walkthrough by David Milward

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Lantassan Lumber Camp

Lantassan Lumber Camp

  1. Here is the exit to the overland map.

  2. Gnome CampHere is where you’ll meet the Gnome in charge of the camp, Dall Nickleplate. The portal to Crossroad Keep is broken, and he won’t help you out until you can help him out with a few things.

  3. Here is Gnome named Ahri "Golemkin" who sells the following:

    Bowl of Commanding Water Elementals
    Brazier of Commanding Fire Elementals
    Censer of Commanding Water Elementals
    Chime of Opening
    Drum of Haunting
    Fochluchan Bandore
    Lesser Magic Bag
    Magic Bag
    Magic Pouch
    Stone of Alarm
    Stone of Controlling Earth Elementals

    After you have gotten the portal working, Ahri will also have a quest for you. To hunt down and kill a few Clockroaches, and then bring back four Clockroach Parts to show for it. If you do, you’ll get 600xp and a Collapsable Clockroach as a reward.

  4. Here is a gnome who keeps watch over the tents. He’ll charge 200gp for you to rest in them, or 150gp if your Appraise skill is good enough.

  5. Here is the portal, and the second place you’ll meet Dall. He has a couple of tasks for you. One is to bring back 3 Dinosaur Claws as proof that you’ve thinned out the area of enough dinosaurs. This gets you 600xp. His second task is to find out who has been damaging the lumbering equipment at night. To complete this task, you have to wait it out until midnight of the next day at around #6. A Gnome ghost will appear and attack you. Bring her down to 'Near Death', and she will explain herself. She was murdered by another Gnome Engineer who coveted her discovery. She indicates that he buried her remains. You can find them at #7. Bring the remains back to Dall, and Levan is brought to justice. You’ll get 700xp for it.

    Dall then is willing to talk to you about the portal itself. He needs a replacement part for it. A high enough Craft or Spellcraft check means you can tell him to use one of the crystals he has on hand as a stop gap measure. Or you can find the replacement for it, which apparently a dinosaur has eaten. This means heading back out to the overland map. You’ll find a Sickly Megaraptor a little southeast of the camp. Kill it, and you’ll get the Missing Widget. Bring it back to Dall, and he’ll send Sa’Sani’s message through the portal. He’ll also give you a Distilled Toxin to take back to Sa’Sani to warn her of ongoing efforts at sabotage against her. This gets you another 700xp.

  6. Here are a couple of Gnome workers chopping away at a tree. This will also be where the Gnome Ghost appears if you wait it out until midnight.

  7. About here is a mound of earth. If you managed to subdue the Gnome Ghost, you can dig up the mound to uncover the Gnomish Remains.

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