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NWN 2: Storm of Zehir Online Walkthrough by David Milward

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Ship Wreck

Ship Wreck

  1. Batari and RaptorsThis is where you party first arrives to investigate the shipwreck. It is also where you leave for the Overland Map. Note that there are plenty of Batari and Velociraptors roaming around.

  2. Here is a here a chest that contains one of the ores that Sa’Sani wants.

  3. Here is a dead body. Investigating it reveals at the very least that it was not washed up on shore, and that foul play was likely involved. This is one of the clues that Sa’Sani wants.

  4. Here is the hull of the ship. Investigating it reveals that the wood was deliberately weakened to facilitate sabotage of the Vigilant. This is another piece of evidence that Sa’Sani wants.

  5. Here are some chests, some of which contains ores and other odds and ends. One notable item that you'll find is a Zalantar Spear. There is also a door leading to a cave nearby. You won’t be able to open it for now. Further along the game, somebody will give you a Batari Keystone that opens the way to the Batari Cave.

  6. Here is the rigging of the ship. Investigating it reveals that some of the cuts to the rope were clean, and therefore a deliberate effort to sabotage of the Vigilant. This is another piece of evidence that Sa’Sani wants.

  7. Here is another chest that contains ore that Sa’Sani wants.

  8. Here is a broken spear. Investigating it reveals that it was deliberately broken. This is another piece of evidence that Sa’Sani wants.

    Once you'’ve found some ores and at least two pieces of evidence confirming sabotage, head back to Sa’Sani. You’ll get two xp and gp rewards, one for the ores that you find, and another for the evidence that you find. The rewards are greater for the greater number of ores and pieces of evidence that you report back. Her next job for you is to try and sell the ores around with the locals in exchange for trade bars.

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