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Baldur's Gate 2 Online Walkthrough by Montresor

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Overview of Chapter 2  |  Quests in Chapter 2 
Areas in Chapter 2: Athkatla
Waukeen's Promenade  |  The Bridge District  |  The City Gate District  |  The Docks District  |  The Government District  |  The Graveyard District  |  The Slums  |  The Planar Sphere  |  The Temple District  |  The Temple District Sewers  
Areas Outside Athkatla
De'Arnise Keep  |  Trademeet  |  The Druid Grove  |  The Umar Hills  |  The Temple Ruins  |  The Windspear Hills


The demands made of a Paladin are huge. Too huge for some. Some break, and some "bend" the rules. In such cases, The Order of the Most Radiant Heart has to cull the fallen from the flock.

To get this quest, speak to Sir Ryan Trawl at 3 in the Order of the Most Radiant Heart. Since the Order can't deal with just anybody, you must have a Reputation of at least 10; otherwise Sir Ryan Trawl will ask you to leave – your reputation has preceded you.

Sir Ryan Trawl explains the matter: Anarg, who used to be a high-ranking member of the Order before being expelled, has taken to smuggling slaves. Worse yet, when he was expelled from the Order he took several younger members with him. These Fallen Paladins must be eliminated. However, the Order can't handle the matter itself, as Anarg knows all its members well. This is where you come in...

  1. Go to the Bridge District and find the small open area at 3. You will find a group of Fallen Paladins, led by Reynald de Chatillon, arguing with a group of smugglers. The argument quickly escalates into hostilities.

  2. Take the side of the Fallen Paladins by force-attacking the smugglers (press F2 on the keyboard to attack, then click a smuggler). All smugglers turn hostile but between your party and the Fallen Paladins they are quickly overcome.

  3. Once all smugglers lie dead, Reynald de Chatillon thanks you for your assistance and asks if you are interested in employment. Accept.

    Most of the smugglers drop only mundane items but one of them leaves behind an Oil of Speed and 2 Potions of Invisibility.

  4. When a knight is accepted into the Order of the Most Radiant Heart, he or she is given a cup. When Anarg was expelled from the Order, his cup was taken back. Reynald wants you to go to the Order's Headquarters and retrieve Anarg's cup.

    Reynald will also be very suspicious if you have Anomen and/or Keldorn in your company. However, Anomen will tell him that he hasn't passed his test and isn't a Knight of the Order (whether or not this is true). Keldorn will lie and say that he isn't Sir Keldorn at all!

  5. Go back to 10 in the Temple District and enter the Order of the Most Radiant Heart. Speak to Sir Ryan Trawl and explain the matter to him. With but a little prodding he gives you Anarg's Cup.

  6. Return to the Bridge District and seek out Reynald de Chatillon. He will be overjoyed and the party receives 10,250 XP.

  7. Anarg appears to claim his cup. The party receives another 7,250 XP. However, Anarg is not so easily fooled. He either recognizes Keldorn in your party, or he simply states that nobody could fight their way through the Order and steal the cup of a Fallen Paladin. Swords are drawn...

    Each of the Fallen Paladins is worth 2,000 XP. You get 5,000 XP for killing Reynald de Chatillon and 9,000 for killing Anarg.

  8. Once all the killing is done, loot the bodies. The Fallen Paladins each drop some mundane equipment and minor treasure.

    Reynald de Chatillon drops Plate Mail Armor, a pair of Worn Out Boots, 2 Potions of Extra Healing, a Potion of Fire Giant Strength, a Two-handed Sword, and minor treasure.

    Anarg drops Plate Mail Armor, a Helmet, 2 Potions of Extra Healing, a Potion of Invulnerability, a Halberd +1, a Bloodstone Ring, a Two-handed Sword, and 100 GP.

  9. It only remains to report back to Sir Ryan Trawl at the Order of the Most Radiant Heart. He takes back Anarg's Cup. Each party member receives 17,500 XP and the party also receives a pair of Gloves of Healing.

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