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Baldur's Gate 2 Online Walkthrough by Montresor

Throne of Bhaal: Chapter 8  |  Chapter 9  |  Chapter 10
Shadows of Amn  |  Watcher's Keep  
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Overview of Chapter 8  |  Quests in Chapter 8 
Areas in Chapter 8
Grove of the Ancients  |  The Hellish Pocket Plane  |  Saradush  |  The North Forest  |  The Forest of Mir  |  The Marching Mountains  |  Yaga-Shura's Stronghold, Level 1  |  Yaga-Shura's Stronghold, Level 2  |  The Siege Camp  |  The Oasis  

The Tankard Tree  |  The Militia Headquarters  |  Kiser Jhaeri's Home  |  The Temple of Waukeen  |  The Barracks  |  The Arcana Archives  |  The Prison, Level 1  |  The Prison, Level 2  |  The Sewers  |  Gromnir's Castle, Level 1  |  Gromnir's Castle, Level 2  


This is the home of the suspected traitor Kiser Jhaeri. You need to come here in connection with the Justice for Mateo quest.

  1. Here is the entrance from Saradush.

  2. Here you will find Kiser Jhaeri and the stairs down to the cellar.

  3. Here are two bookshelves with only books on them.

  4. There's a small trapped container behind the lamp at (x=475, y=125). It contains a Scroll of Incendiary Cloud, a Potion of Insight, and minor treasure.

    The window at (x=620, y=110) is also trapped. It contains only minor treasure.

    The big cabinet at (x=710, y=200) contains minor treasure.

  5. The little table at (x=1160, y=550) is trapped. Loot it for a Scroll of Ruby Ray of Reversal and minor treasure.

  1. Here are the stairs up to the first floor.

    At (x=1120, y=500) is a trap which you must disarm in order to get to Ardic.

  2. Here will be Kiser Jhaeri and his buddies; a couple of Fighters and a couple of Thieves who are fond of drinking Potions of Invisibility and backstabbing. After you have killed them, loot their bodies for a couple of Daggers +2, a couple of Short Swords +2, a Short Sword +3, a couple of Leather Armor +1, a few Potions of Extra Healing, a lot of Potions of Invisibility, the Shakti Figurine, and the Secret Jail Door Key.

    The small container at (x=790, y=260) contains a Potion of Perception and a Potion of Master Thievery.

    The cabinet at (x=660, y=350) contains a King's Tears gem and the Starfall Ore which Cespenar can use to upgrade the mace Storm Star +3.

  3. Here will be a high-level Mage for you to fight. Proceed with caution, she is capable of casting both Time Stop and Finger of Death.

  4. Here you will find Ardic, the missing son of Countess Santele.

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