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Baldur's Gate 2 Online Walkthrough by Montresor

Throne of Bhaal: Chapter 8  |  Chapter 9  |  Chapter 10
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Overview of Chapter 8  |  Quests in Chapter 8 
Areas in Chapter 8
Grove of the Ancients  |  The Hellish Pocket Plane  |  Saradush  |  The North Forest  |  The Forest of Mir  |  The Marching Mountains  |  Yaga-Shura's Stronghold, Level 1  |  Yaga-Shura's Stronghold, Level 2  |  The Siege Camp  |  The Oasis  

The Tankard Tree  |  The Militia Headquarters  |  Kiser Jhaeri's Home  |  The Temple of Waukeen  |  The Barracks  |  The Arcana Archives  |  The Prison, Level 1  |  The Prison, Level 2  |  The Sewers  |  Gromnir's Castle, Level 1  |  Gromnir's Castle, Level 2  


Welcome to the finest (and only) watering hole in all of Saradush. Here you can find a shop with some nifty items, a storyteller eager to tell YOUR story, and a quick (but dangerous) way into the old prison, and thence to Gromnir Il-Khan.

And of course, you can find yourself in a fight or two! ;-)

  1. Here is the entrance from Saradush.

  2. Here are a couple of Il-Khan Soldiers making a nuisance of themselves. If you should "happen" to pick a fight with them, you will gain the eternal gratitude of the waitress. Plus, you can loot their bodies for Splint Mail +1, Full Plate Mail +1, a Large Shield +2, a Long Sword +3, a War Hammer +3, and a Mace +2.

    Speak to the waitress afterwards to learn that Gromnir's soldiers are running around in the Sewers, possibly because the enemy could get into Gromnir's castle that way. Hmmmm... Maybe so could you!

  3. The bartender sells drinks and accommodation, and he also runs a shop with a lot of nice items. Click here for shop inventory.

  4. Remember Viekang from the inn in Trademeet? Here you will find him again, and this time he doesn't teleport away. Speak to him to learn that he is another Bhaalspawn who used to have the ability to "jump" when he was frightened. Unfortunately for him, he is now trapped in Saradush because Melissan taught him not to be afraid.

    Cast Horror on Viekang to help him escape Saradush, and each party member receives 2,000 XP. If you don't have the spell, buy a scroll from Lazarus Librarus in the Arcana Archives.

  5. Here is Peltje, who insists that he is not insane, even if he thinks that there is something wrong with the courtesans. He believes they are Vampires who lure unsuspecting victims down into the old prison and kill them.

    Hmmmm... Maybe this could be your way into the Prison, and thence into Gromnir's castle!

  6. Here is Hectan whom you need to speak to in connection with the Lazarus' Spellbook quest. Once you find evidence that he was behind the theft, you can bring him a Scroll of Teleportation and either warn him that using the scroll will get him killed ... or not warn him. The latter will cost the party a reputation point.

  7. Up here you will find none other than Volo who will be happy to tell the tale of you and your party members.

    In the nearby (trapped!) cabinet you can find a Potion of Superior Healing, an Oil of Speed, and a Garnet Gem.

  8. Here is Pyrham Aleson, the proprietor of the Tankard Tree. He can offer you a bit of information but nothing really useful.

  9. Here, only at night, will be two courtesans. If you ask the one of the opposite sex, they will take you (without the rest of the party) to the old Saradush Prison. This is one way of getting into Gromnir's castle but beware: The courtesans are really Vampires, and if your are not protected against level drains, you may well be killed before the rest of the party can get over to the prison and join the fray!

    The nearby cabinet contains 2 Potions of Extra Healing and minor treasure.

  10. Here is a locked cabinet with a Potion of Superior Healing and minor treasure.

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