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The third level of Watcher's Keep is a twisty little maze of passages, all alike. Well, nearly alike. The rooms you will be visiting have a selection of different monsters.

Your objective on the level is to assemble the Scepter of Radiance which is the key to the portal out of the final room.

  1. This is where you arrive in the maze. You can use this portal to go back to the Elemental Level.

  2. Here is a compass rose that shows which directions are which in the maze. "North" is the direction where you will always arrive in a new room.

    You will also see a crazed Elf called Yakman who, after some rambling, runs through the southern portal at 3.

  3. This portal leads to Yakman's camp. You should take this before taking any other path in the maze.

  4. This portal leads to the next room in the maze, at 8. But do investigate Yakman's room first!

  1. Here is where you arrive in the room. The portal leads back to the first room in the maze.

  2. Here is Yakman's camp. Cast a Heal spell on Yakman to cure him of his insanity. Each party member receives 5,000 XP and Yakman turns out to be an adventurer called Tamorlin who has been here for quite some time. He offers a bit of advice before leaving.

    Disarm the trap on Yakman's tent and loot it for the Madman's Journal, the Scepter of Radiance, Leather Armor +1, 5 Darts of Stunning, and a Diamond.

    The scepter is the key to escaping this level but you'll need to assemble it with three Scepter Gems first. The Madman's Journal tells you how to get through the maze.

  3. Here you will find a pair of Bard's Gloves. Cespenar can upgrade them but it is quite costly.

    The south portal takes you to the Outside Area.

    When done with the room, take the portal at 5 back to the first room, and then take the portal at 4.

  1. Here is where you arrive in the room. This is a Dead Magic room, meaning that spells always fail!

  2. Here are some Cornugons and Balors fighting. You might as well help them kill each other. ;-)

    Lawful Good characters only: A Lawful Good character can loot the central pillar for the Holy Avenger Purifier +4.

  3. Take the eastern portal to the next room. You may want to create a savegame first; there is a difficult fight coming up.

  1. Here is where you arrive.

  2. Here is Tahazzar, a demon, accompanied by an assortment of demons: Glabrezu, Maureshi, and a Succubus. Try to get some preparations up quickly.

    Tahazzar drops a Scepter Gem (one of the three gems you need for the Scepter of Radiance) and Tahazzar's Heart.

    Neutral and Evil Protagonists Only: If Tahazzar recognizes you as evil or in some cases neutral (I think this depends on whether you are Lawful or Chaotic), he doesn't attack immediately but instead offers you a quest to bring him the heart of a Baatezu named Ka'rashur. He and his Baatezu friends can be found a few rooms to the south. For bringing Tahazzar Ka'rashur's Heart, each party member gets 20,000 XP and you receive the Thieves' Hood.

  3. Here is a trapped and locked panel, behind which you can find 2 Potions of Superior Healing, 10 Arrows +3, 1,920 GP, and a couple of Throwing Daggers.

  4. Take the southern portal to the next room. Make your preparations in advance.

  1. Here is where you arrive. This is another Dead Magic room, so you can't cast spells.

    NOTE: There are traps in front of all four portals!

  2. Here will be an assortment of Cornugons, Velithuu, and Pit Fiends. Their ability to cause fear can be a major pain, and the dead magic means that protection from fear won't be in place even if you cast it in the previous room.

  3. Take the southern portal to progress in the maze.

  1. Here is where you arrive in the room.

  2. Here is a Succubus and several Alu-Fiends. The Succubus will offer to bring you to the end of the maze, if you'll only kiss her, but you will arrive with the Scepter of Radiance unfinished, so it is a useless proposition.

    Instead, you will have to fight them. Watch out for Dire Charm! Each of the Alu-Fiends drops 2 Potions of Extra Healing, an Oil of Speed, and random treasure.

  3. Take the southern portal to the next room.

  1. Here is where you arrive in the room.

  2. Here is Ka'rashur, along with several Cornugons, a few Imps, and an Erinyes. For good protagonists, battle is inevitable. For neutral and evil protagonists, Ka'rashur offers you the same deal as Tahazzar, except inverted of course, unless you already made a deal with Tahazzar.

    Unfortunately (for himself!), if you make a deal with Ka'rashur, he still attacks you after you bring him Tahazzar's heart.

    Ka'rashur leaves behind another Scepter Gem, Ka'rashur's Heart, and random treasure.

  3. The base of the central pillar here is trapped. It contains a Potion of Superior Healing, 5 Throwing Axes, 10 Arrows +3, Studded Leather Armor +2, a Star Sapphire, a Gold Necklace, and 450 GP.

  4. Take the southern portal to the next room.

  1. Here is where you arrive in the room.

  2. Here will be a Red Glabrezu and a Blue Glabrezu. They summon Greater Fire Elementals and Frost Salamanders, respectively. Concentrate on the Glabrezus, and it shouldn't be too hard.

  3. This time, take the western portal to the next room.

  1. Here is where you arrive. Watch out; this is a wild magic room, meaning that all spells have a risk of misfiring ... or backfiring!

    This is also the portal to the next room!

  2. Here will be some Tieflings who insist on fighting you. They also summon the dog Aranthis. Among the loot will be: a Cleric's Staff +3, a Short Sword +2, a Dagger +2, Leather Armor +3, a Wand of Spell Striking, 2 Potions of Superior Healing, and a Potion of Fire Giant Strength.

  1. Here is both the arrival point and the exit point in this room. Before venturing into the room, prepare for a battle with powerful undead.

    Also prepare to the max, including creating a savegame, before going to the next room!

  2. Here is a Cambion who summons four Demon Knights to his aid. Level drains are an issue, as is Fear. As I told you, prepare in advance.

    The cambion drops a Potion of Invisibility, a Bastard Sword +1, and random treasure.

    Each Demon Knight drops a Two-handed Sword +1.

  1. Here is where you arrive in the room, and the exit out.

  2. Here is a Demon Wraith. He immediately summons several Slave Wraiths and starts casting spells at you. To make matters worse, there are several traps between you and him, so you won't want to attack him directly (having your party members, or yourself!, petrified is counter-productive. Just take my word for it!). Try instead to summon some creatures (a Deva will do nicely) right in front of him to act as targets for his spells, while you take out the Slave Wraiths and disarm the traps.

    NOTE: Divina has informed me of an alternative course of action in this area: "... the better (and harder solution) is to NOT kill any of the slave wraiths. If the player manages to kill the master wraith without harming the slave wraiths, the party gets 5000xp per slave wraith freed. Each spirit thanks you for freeing them." Thanks for the tip!

    Once you've killed/freed all the Wraiths, search the room for treasure:

    (x=730, y=425): A Rogue Stone and the Journal of an earlier adventurer, Sir Kalthorine.

    (x=1000, y=460): Plate Mail Armor and minor treasure.

    (x=760, y=530): A Spear +1 and minor treasure.

    (x=570, y=480): 20 Bolts +2, 2 Potions of Superior Healing, a Wand of Spell Striking, and a Scroll of Simulacrum.

    (x=500, y=400): A Scroll of Identify and Plate Mail +1.

    (x=345, y=640): A Bastard Sword +1 and White Dragon Scales, which Cespenar can upgrade to a great set of armor for Thieves or Rangers who want to use their Hide in Shadows ability.

  1. Here is where you arrive in the last room in the maze. For arriving here, each party member receives 10,000 XP.

  2. Here is Aesgareth with his Tiefling and Fell Cat friends. Aesgareth has the last Scepter Gem you need but he won't give it willingly – he wants to play a game of chance for it. You can gamble for three things:

    - The way out. You'll want to save this for last.

    - The Spectral Brand +4 scimitar.

    - A Scroll of Wish.

    If you gamble for the scroll or the scimitar, you can bet some of your vitality (Hit Points) or experience. Obviously this is a good time to create a savegame.

    If you win the draw for the way out, Aesgareth and his friends attack. Certainly a winnable fight. If you lose, Aesgareth gives you the Scepter of Radiance back before escaping.

    Each party member gets 25,000 XP for assembling the Scepter of Radiance.

    If you end up in a fight, Aesgareth drops the Deck of Many Things, the final Scepter Gem, a Two-handed Sword +2, and Chain Mail +3. Among the loot from his friends will be a Long Sword +3, a Cleric's Staff +3, a Dagger +2, a Flail +2, a Sling +1, a Composite Long Bow +2, Arrows +2, Arrows +3, Bullets +3, Studded Leather Armor +2, Full Plate Mail +1, Robe of the Good Archmagi, a Large Shield +2, Potions of Superior Healing, Potions of Extra Healing, Potions of Fire Giant Strength, and Potions of Invisibility.

  3. With the Scepter of Radiance assembled, escape through this portal to the fourth level of Watcher's Keep, the Machine of Lum the Mad.
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