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Baldur's Gate 2 Online Walkthrough by Montresor

Watcher's Keep: Outside  |  Ritual Level  |  Elemental Level  |  Maze Level  |  The Machine of Lum the Mad  |  The Final Seal  |  The Imprisoned One
Shadows of Amn  |  Throne of Bhaal  
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You have finally made it to the lowermost level of Watcher's Keep. Now you just need to use the scroll Odren gave you to seal in The Imprisoned One forever.

No, of course not! ;-)

  1. Here is where you arrive, and where The Imprisoned One will speak to you inside your mind. Please see below for my recommended procedure.

  2. Here are two portals. The portal to the right leads to the Outside Area. The one to the left leads back to the Final Seal area.

Recommended Procedure

As soon as you arrive, The Imprisoned One speaks inside your mind. It warns you that if you read Odren's scroll, you will also be sealed inside this room.

  1. Call his bluff and read the scroll anyway. Each party member receives 80,000 XP.

  2. But The Imprisoned One wasn't lying. None of the portals at 2 are working.

  3. So slink back to 1 and click the floor to speak to The Imprisoned One again.

  4. The Imprisoned One opens a breach in the seal, allowing you to use the portals.

  5. Go to 2 and take the rightmost portal to the Outside Area.

  6. Find your way to the top of the keep and speak to Odren.

  7. No matter which dialog options you select, Odren and his company will go inside to see for themselves.

    Unless you tell him The Imprisoned One let you out so you could lure them in. In that case, each party member receives 10,000 XP, the party earns one reputation point, and Odren & Co go on a pilgrimage. But you miss out on a ton of experience, so this is not recommended.

  8. If Odren and his folk go inside the keep, a Ghostly Apparition appears and tells you the truth, that "The Imprisoned One" is Demogorgon, Prince of Demons. She offers you three options: To let Odren be slaughtered, in which case Demogorgon will be turned loose on Faerun; to go in and fight Demogorgon; or to read a new scroll which she gives you, which will seal Watcher's Keep forever. Accept the scroll for 25,000 XP per party member.

  9. If you read the scroll, each party member receives 80,000 XP.

  10. Or you can step back inside. At 1 you will find Demogorgon ... most hostile!

  11. Demogorgon summons a couple of Marileths to his aid. Don't bother about them at first; if you kill them he'll just summon more. Concentrate on bringing down his defenses and finishing him off, then kill his friends.

    For killing Demogorgon, each party member receives 100,000 XP.

  12. Odren's friends will all be dead but you can have a final conversation with Odren before he dies. The party gets another 20,000 XP.

  13. And no – once you leave Watcher's Keep again, you can't also score the experience for reading the Helm Scroll and re-sealing the keep.

    Cheat: Well actually you can, if you are willing to cheat a bit. After killing Demogorgon, place the scroll in a quick item slot and leave the keep. Pause the game quickly after getting outside. The scroll will remain in your inventory a short while, so click it in the quick item slot to read the scroll, and you get the experience for reading the scroll on top of the experience for killing Demogorgon and speaking to Odren.

And that marks the end of Watcher's Keep.

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