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Hommlet map


His Wife’s Ring

Black Jay can be found at #31. The first time you meet him, he’s going to be rather surly in his greeting of the party. Talk to him a second time, and he’ll let his life’s grief tumble out. Black Jay had left to fight for glory in the battle of Emridy Meadows, which we’ve seen in the opening movie. Upon his return, he discovered that his wife and children were killed in his absence.

Goblin ThiefLeaving Jay for the moment, now head towards #32. There, you’ll find the Goblin Thief that took his wife’s ring. The Goblin has very few hit points, and isn’t particularly dangerous. Simply rush it and kill it.

Loot the Goblin’s body to find the ring that Black Jay had given to his wife. Return the ring to Jay for an experience point reward. He’ll also offer a choice between Arrows +1, Boots of Elvenkind, or a Cloak of Elvenkind.

Poisoning the Sheep

Black Jay also has another problem. His sheep have been falling dead, and he doesn’t have a clue why (although he suspects it is divine punishment on account of his wife). Promise to him that you’ll discover the cause. In his field, you’ll find a clue in the form of hemlock plants lying about the field. Have a character pick up one of the Hemlock plants. Have that character then speak to Black Jay. He’ll suggest speaking to Jaroo the Druid about it.

Jaroo can be found at #9 in Hommlet. Jaroo informs you that the plant is poisonous. Inform Black Jay of this revelation. He’ll then suggest keeping an eye out to see if anybody suspicious comes into his field at night.

CorlLet the time pass until evening. In order to trigger the rest of the events, you must drop in on the residence of Corl, the teamster’s son, at #24. The party will note his absence. You must then head for Black Jay’s field. There, you’ll find Corl sprinkling the hemlock plants about. A modest Intimidate or Sense Motive skill will get him to admit that he was dropping the plants under the threat of death to his parents. You won’t get him to say who made the threats, but you will have scared him enough to ensure he won’t return to Black Jay’s field.

Let the time pass until morning. Speak to the Teamster, Sef Flettner, at #23. He says he’ll look into what Corl has been up to. In the meantime, pay Black Jay another visit and inform him of what happened. An assurance that Corl will never return to his field is good enough for Black Jay, and an experience point reward for the party.
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