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Hommlet map


And so we have reached Hommlet at last. What is now provided is a simple overview of who and what is in town. The number given on the map above corresponds with the location of a certain individual or location as given below.

1. Percy and Gwyneth, a farmer and his wife who happen to share a farm with another nearby farmer.

2. Hroth Renton, a captain in the militia.

3. Tarim, a woodcutter by trade.

4. Mathilde, a well-to-do widow.

5. Filliken, an apparently prosperous farmer who also looks after his two daughters.

6. Jakk Borton, a leatherworker. Jakk sells various wares composed of hides. The one a party could take note of is the Masterwork Studded Leather Armor, which can be enchanted by somebody with the Craft Magic Arms and Armor feat.

7. The Welcome Wench, the local inn and tavern in town.

8. Laszio, a herdsman.

9. Jaroo Ashstaff, a druid and the spiritual leader of the Old Faith in Hommlet. He can also perform healing services for the party.

10. Brother Smythe, the local blacksmith. He can perform Cure Light Wounds for the party, and sells basically the whole gamut of basic equipment.

If you have the Circle of Eight mod-pack installed, you can now purchase a Masterwork version of any type of weapon, armor, or shield that was listed in the official Manual of ToEE from Brother Smythe. Ask to see his ‘Masterwork items’. He’ll then ask which category of items you would like to see; armor, weapons, or shields. It is simply a matter of picking one and then viewing the inventory.

The real significance of this is that you can pretty much acquire a masterwork kind of any item listed in the official manual, and then shape it into a magical item according to your specifications. For this, at least one of your characters will need the Craft Magic Arms and Armor feat. For more information on how to use this feat, follow this link.

11. Valden, a wheel and wainwright by profession.

12. Kenter Nevets, the town elder.

13. Rik Litin, and his apprentice, Marek, who are both in the business of carpentry.

14. Gister Noshim, a stonemason.

15. Rufus and Burne, an experienced warrior and wizard (respectively) who resides in the large tower.

16. The labour camp for the workers who are constructing the new castle.

17. The construction site for the new castle.

18. A weaver named Ploceus. If you have a woman in your party, you’ll discover that the marriage of his daughter isn’t a very happy one.

19. A farmer named Otello, along with his son, Gunther.

20. The local tailor, Jinnerth.

21. A shop run by a couple of shady individuals named Rannos and Gremag. Perhaps the only item of real note in their shop is the Masterwork Maul, which can be enchanted. This Maul can prove significant for the endgame, believe it or not, but that will not be till much later.

22. A stable where you’ll find a courier in the employ of Rannos and Gremag.

23. The local teamster, named Sef Flettner.

24. The teamster’s son, named Corl.

25. Lowen, who runs a cowherd and dairy business.

26. The local mill, run by a man named Mytch along with his servant, Erliter.

27. Holten Kindlehopper, a farmer who’s rather despondent on account of his daughter, Fruella.

28. The local jeweler, Nira Melubb.

29. The local potter, Jarvis Hann.

30. The brewery. There are four individuals at work here. It pays to remember them, because you’ll be wanting to catch up with them at future points. Their names are Hubertus Gerstenbrenner, the brewmeister, along with his apprentices Tuperello, Mickey, and Cavanaugh.

31. A rather glum shepherd named Black Jay.

32. The hiding spot of a Goblin Thief.

33. The church of St. Cuthbert. The Canon of the church, Terjon, also offers healing services.

34. Not so much a location, but a reference to a wandering villager who traverses pretty much the entire expanse of the village. Hence, #34 won’t appear on the map. Elmo, the village drunk, and a recruitable Fighter.
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