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Temple: Entrance
Temple entrance map


At last we’ve arrived at the ultimate destination of our quest - The Temple of Elemental Evil. Here you’ll find a LOT of exploring, and a LOT of fighting to do. At any rate, I’ll explain briefly how this portion of the walkthrough is structured. The maps, and appropriate notes, are provided for all areas before the 4th level of the Temple. After that, I explain the various quests that can be performed within the Temple, and provide my own take on how I did things along the way. The reason for this is that many of the quests involve traversing many locations, and different maps. I then resume with mapping out Level 4, and beyond, where the game becomes somewhat more linear. Firstly though…

1. This door allows the party to enter the Throne Room of the Temple.

2. This pathway leads to a small pasture, from which the party can enter the Ruined House. As far as I know, there is no lasting significance to this area, so I won’t bother with providing a map for it.

3. This pathway leads to another small pasture, from which the party can enter the Broken Tower. Both the Broken Tower and the adjoining Escape Tunnel provide another route to the depths of the Temple. For more information on these two areas, refer to the Daring Rescues quest. Incidentally, the Daring Rescues quest also provides a very quick and relatively safe way to earn a very large reward in gold. The link that has been provided describes a way to pull if off with a very direct route of travel, and a minimum of combat.
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