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Nulb map


Unlike the rural and easygoing Hommlet, Nulb is a far less friendly town. In fact, it’s the watering hole of river pirates. Be that as it may, coming here is necessary for there is more than one person here who will know the location of the Temple of Elemental Evil. The number given on the map above corresponds with the location of a certain individual or location as given below.

1. Preston Wetz, an old pirate with a toothache.

2. The location of the gay Bertram.

3. Grud, a fisherman on the lookout for a trophy.

4. Boatmen’s Tavern, the den of alcoholic squalor and violence in town.

5. Sammy, the apprentice to the local blacksmith.

6. Otis, the local blacksmith.

7. Mother Screng’s Herb Shop. She sells a wide variety of curative and healing potions. The one item of note she has is the Staff of Life, and she charges more than an arm and a leg for it.

8. A gypsy named Mona, and her slave girl named Serena, are found here.

9. Mickey, the brewmeister’s apprentice from Hommlet, can be found here at night.

10. Waterside Hostel, the local inn.

11. A house that can be bought from Preston Wetz. For more information on this, see either the Need to See the Dentist or the Local Blacksmith quests.
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