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Nulb map


At #3, you'll find an old fisherman named Grud Squinteye. He wants to command the respect of the local pirates by showing off a Giant Gar fish as a trophy. The thing is, he wants you to do the catching for him. The Giant Gar can be found at Imeryds Run, which now appears on your map.

Imeryds Run1. Imeryds Run is a mire filled pool comparable in size to the Deklo Grove. Immediately upon arrival, you are beset by a Giant Frog and a Behemoth Kingfrog. The Kingfrog is much larger that your typical Giant Frog. It is much more likely to grapple a victim with its tongue. Once a victim is swallowed, massive damage is suffered inside the Kingfrog's innards.

During this battle, do not fan out or retreat. The reason is that it will bring the monsters on the west side of the pool into the conflict, which is the last thing you need. It is imperative to kill off the smaller Giant Frog first. When the Kingfrog attacks a party member for the first time, it is a clear signal that the Kingfrog is going to single out that party member for swallowing. That party member should refrain from doing anything that reduces his or her hit points further, including stepping up to the Kingfrog and provoking an Attack of Opportunity with his long reach. In the meantime, the party will be trying to kill the massive beast as quickly as possible. Lanatir will pump the Kingfrog non-stop with Magic Missiles.

Once the Kingfrog dies, it leaves behind some pretty impressive treasure that belonged to an elven adventurer that it digested:

Seahag2. On the west side of the pool are several Lizardmen and a Seahag. The Lizardmen aren't particularly dangerous. The Seahag attacks with a poison that causes a temporary Strength drain. There's also a chance that her attack will inflict its target with a disease, so keep an eye on your party's portraits afterwards. She also has Spell Resistance of 14. Summoned help is earnestly recommended. Valarian layers himself with spells like Shield and Mirror Image to hold up monsters as a decoy. Ferofist casts Bane. Alliria casts Produce Flame, and then starts picking off the Lizardmen one by one with her attacks. Despite her Spell Resistance, casting Magic Missiles repeatedly is a reliable way to weaken the Seahag before she comes within the reach of the fighters. Once she falls, it is a matter of mopping up.

Giant Gar3. The Giant Gar is in the northeast corner of the pool. It can score pretty significant damage. However, it doesn't have a whole lot of hit points. It can also be made vulnerable with spells like Doom, Flare, etc. Take the Giant Gar's corpse, and then bring it back to Grud for an experience point reward.
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