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Lanatir, Male Human Sorcerer 10

LanatirAlignment: Neutral Good

Strength: 10
Intelligence: 15
Constitution: 18
Wisdom: 14
Dexterity: 16
Charisma: 18

1) Why He’s Included

The sorcerer represents the artillery piece in my party. He can crank out the thaumaturgic energy over and over again until nothing is left standing. His lack of versatility is made up for by the presence of a Wizard in the party. He also represents the other ‘public face’ of the party by honing the ‘people skills’ that my Paladin doesn’t develop.

2) Ability Score Increases

4th and 8th Level / +1 to Charisma

It’s all about the spellpower. Charisma increases the number of spells that the Sorcerer can cast each day, and how difficult it is for monsters to save against his spells.

3) Skills

Bluff – As previously mentioned, the Sorcerer develops social skills that the Paladin doesn’t. It’s all about having as many options available as you can when it comes to opening up dialogue threads. When Bluff succeeds, a ‘pair of lips’ icon will appear next to an icon.

Concentration – Obviously a mainstay for spellcaster.

Gather Information – Another social skill. When it succeeds, an ‘ear’ icon will appear next to a dialogue option.

Intimidate – And another. When Intimidate succeeds, a ‘strong arm’ icon will appear next to a dialogue option.

Spellcraft – It never hurts to ascertain what spell the enemy has just cast.

4) Feats

1st Level /

Spell Focus: Necromancy - One of my early spells is Ray of Enfeeblement. Blindness/Deafness comes later. The Spell Focus feat increases the Difficulty Class for saving against them. Assuming that there’s a sequel, I’ve also got Finger of Death in mind.

Improved Initiative – Getting your spells off first is obviously crucial.

3rd Level /

Spell Focus: Evocation – It’s all about increasing the Difficulty Class of your damaging spells.

6th Level /

Greater Spell Focus: Evocation – Same thing.

9th Level /

Combat Casting – It was a difficult judgement call to put this off until now, but I wanted to hone the power of my spells first.

Feats not Included /

Enlarge Spell, Extend Spell, Heighten Spell, Quicken Spell, Widen Spell – I’m not a big fan of feats that compel you to expend higher spell levels. By my reckoning, improving the difficulty class of your spells with the Spell Focus feats is the way to make your spells count. It doesn’t involve losing higher spell levels either.

Improved Counterspell – I honestly don’t recall when, if ever, the need to counter a spell truly arose.

5) Spell Selection

You have to keep in mind that when your Sorcerer selects a spell, he’s stuck with it for the rest of his career. It is incumbent upon you to select your spells carefully. Therefore, you should select spells that will hopefully have lasting value throughout the game. For example, spells that affect only creatures of a certain number of Hit Dice or lower shouldn’t make the cut. You should also select spells that you anticipate using repeatedly, like Magic Missile or Fireball for example. Here’s my selection.

1st Level /

Identify – The spell that lets you know exactly what item you’re carrying. It can be used as often or as little as the occasion demands.

Ray of Enfeeblement – One of the few 1st level spells that isn’t limited by the Hit Dice of the target. Draining an opponent’s strength certainly helps.

3rd Level /

Magic Missile – I didn’t get this right away because it spits out only 1 missile to begin with. But now I select it at the point where it starts churning out 2 missiles, with more to come in subsequent levels. Very useful when the party wants to take down one particularly dangerous foe as quickly as possible.

4th Level /

Mirror Image – A handy defensive resource that the Sorcerer can call upon time and time again whenever needed.

5th Level /

Detect Secret Door – At later levels, I think you’ll find divination spells such as these far more useful than the remaining 1st-level offensive spells.

Melf’s Acid Arrow – Another spell that can cause significant damage to a single monster. I have Trolls in mind when selecting this one.

6th Level /

Fireball – What can I say? It’s the spell that makes you feel like a Sorcerer. In large scale encounters, you’ll certainly relish the ability to cast this over and over again.

7th Level /

Shield – I rather like the idea of a +4 bonus to A.C. when needed, and immunity to Magic Missiles.

Blindness/Deafness – The idea of a monster having a 50% chance to miss is an appealing one.

Protection from Energy – This spell is a gem in the Sorcerer’s hands. Clerics and Druids can use it of course, but often want to spend their 3rd-level spell slots elsewhere. When the Sorcerer has it, it can be used as little or as often as needed. For example, if you’re anticipating a battle with Salamanders or other fire-based creatures, you can layer everybody up with Protection from Energy (Fire) so that each party member can absorb the first 120 points of fire damage harmlessly.

8th Level /

Stoneskin – Another defensive resource that will constantly be utilized by the Sorcerer.

9th Level /

Lightning Bolt – Another offensive option for the Sorcerer.

Improved Invisibility – Both a defensive resource that can be planted on party members, and a stealth tool when the occasion calls for it.

10th Level /

Cone of Cold – Another addition to the offensive repertoire.

Now that the creation of the party has been completed, it is time to commence the adventure.
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