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Earth Elemental Node
Earth elemental node


After clearing out all four levels of the Temple, it is now time to use the dimensional gateways that Hedrack had previously controlled access to. The gateways lead to a part of one of the four elemental planes; Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. Each portion of the elemental plane is watched over by a guardian, a Demon from the Abyss that is somehow representative of the Elemental Node that it resides in. Each Demon guards one of the four Elemental Gems used to empower the Orb of Golden Death. The objective then is to join all four of the Gems to the Orb so as to pursue a final ending.

Earth Elemental Node

1. Gateway to the Air Elemental Node.

2. Gateway to the Water Elemental Node.

3. Gateway to the Fire Elemental Node.

4. A Large Earth Elemental will attack you here.

5. Here the party will find Sargen, a wizard who desperately wants to join your party in order to escape the Node. All that despite the fact that you can never convince him that you’re not demons.

6. Here is where you’ll find Jaer, a Rogue who would also love dearly for your party to escort him out of the Node.

7. Here the party is attacked by two Crystal Oozes.

8. Here you’ll run into a Galeb Duhr. For more on this creature, refer to paragraph 11 below.

9. A Gorgon is ready to attack here. It can be taken down very quickly if you seize the initiative. Be mindful that it has a breath weapon that can turn a character to stone, so you may want to maximize your saving throws beforehand. Another approach is to have a character like a Paladin or Monk face the beast alone.

10. Here the party gets assaulted by some little critters called Chaggrins. Not particularly dangerous as far as I can tell.

11. Here your party will get assaulted by a massive horde of Galeb Duhrs. Galeb Duhrs have a damage resistance which it seems no weapon can really penetrate. They’re also practically immune to cold, and have Spell Resistance. Needless to say, maximize your physical buffs before stepping into this battle. Lanatir should be prepared to plant a spare Stoneskin on anybody who might need it. Notwithstanding some minor resistance to fire, Fireballs prove an effective way to bring them down to size. Indeed, Lanatir cranked it out over and over again. It also helps to cast Keen Edge on one or two of your warriors’ weapons, and cast haste on those warriors as well. This way, they can get around the damage resistance by inflicting frequent critical hits.

Once the battle ends, the party will notice a chest in the northwest corner. In that chest, the party will find a Headband of Intellect +4, and Moradin’s Soul Hammer +1.

Glabrezu12. Here the party will find the demonic guardian of the Earth Node, a Glabrezu. There’s not much to be gained by conversing with it, since he’s set on eating you as a snack. Two Large Earth Elementals come to his aid. Since they have hitting power, and yet die easier than the Glabrezu, take them down first. The Glabrezu occasionally summons Quasits to its aid, and makes frequent use of Mirror Image. Nonetheless, surrounding it and persisting with melee attacks should cut it down to size.

The Glabrezu will leave behind the Earth Elemental Gem, which will be automatically affixed to the Orb of Golden Death once it is brought into your inventory. The Orb then becomes capable of casting Stoneskin once a day, Summon Earth Elemental once a day, and Summon Glabrezu once a week.

Behind where the Glabrezu was standing is the doorway leading back to the Temple of Elemental Evil, Level 4.
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