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Hommlet map


Before any party actually arrives in Hommlet, they first have to go through an opening cinematic sequence. There is a different one for each alignment. The purpose of each vignette is to provide a literary springboard that brings the party to Hommlet for the first time. What follows is a brief description of each of them. The descriptions also provide links for completing the vignettes. Those links may contain significant spoilers, so follow them with care if you’re new to the game.

Lawful Good

The party happens upon a trade caravan that is being ambushed by bandits. The party is too late, but will have to fight the remaining bandits. The party then speaks to the lone survivor. He explains to you that the caravan was to deliver its goods to Valden, a wainwright in the village of Hommlet. He wants you to deliver the news to Valden, and to do something about the increasing activities of bandits in the area.

Valden can be found at #11 in Hommlet. Upon relating the news to him, he’ll reveal the location of the Moathouse Dungeon. This completes the Lawful Good Vignette. It also leads to the Paida’s Rescue quest.

Neutral Good

The party is walking the streets of Mitrik, the capital city of Veluna. The party hears a scream in a nearby alleyway. This prompts a battle with a low level thief. Once he’s dead, the party will notice that he’s murdered a woman. A broach that she’s wearing identifies her as Canoness Y’Dey, of the Church of St. Cuthbert. The party’s mission then is to bring the bad news to the Church of St. Cuthbert in Hommlet.

The church is located at #33 in Hommlet. In order to gain an audience with the head of the church, you have to give Calmert a donation of 10gp when you see him on the first floor. Then go upstairs. Deliver the brooch to Terjon and you’ll have completed the Neutral Good Vignette.

Chaotic Good

The Chaotic Good party attends a council of the High Elves of Celene. Two Elven nobles, Countess Tillahi and Sir Juffer, have gone missing. You’re to investigate. They suggest you start by contacting Black Jay, who resides in the village of Hommlet.

Black Jay can be found at #31 in Hommlet. Mention the missing elves to him, and then he’ll explain the recent trouble with Bandits in the area. He’ll then mark the Moathouse Dungeon on your world map.

The Chaotic Good vignette is completed by effecting the rescue of the Countess and her consort. For more information on this, refer to the Daring Rescues quest.

Lawful Neutral

The Lawful Neutral party has an audience with the Lord Mayor of Greyhawk. The area surrounding the village of Hommlet has been plagued by bandits, and you are to provide assistance. The party is to make a start by visiting the elder of the village, Kentar Nevets.

Kentar Nevets can be found at #12 in Hommlet. Begin by telling him that you seek adventure. Then explain your mandate from the Lord Mayor. Kentar Nevets will then indicate the Moathouse as a possible source of the trouble, and indicate it on your world map. This completes the Lawful Neutral vignette.

True Neutral

Hrudek, the archdruid, has made a call for volunteers. He’ll tell the party that another member of the druidic order, Jaroo Ashstaff, has not made his regular report on time. He’d like you to find out why, and ask him to send a report.

Jaroo can be found at #9 in Hommlet. Pass on Hrudek’s concerns to Jaroo. Jaroo will then explain that he put off the report until he could complete his own investigation as to why bandit activity has increased in the area. Now he would like you to conduct the investigation, as it were. He’ll then mark the Moathouse on your world map. The True Neutral vignette will not be completed until you have cleared out the Moathouse, and brought back the information to Jaroo so that he can complete his report to Hrudek.

Chaotic Neutral

The party starts off exploring a small dungeon for its treasure. You’ll see two doors. Go through the right door and kill the Small Air Elemental waiting within. You’ll find a chest, which is trapped. Inside the chest is some gold, a couple of magic potions, and a key.

The party can then use this key to pick the door that was to the left, or a thief can use the Open Lock skill to pick it. Kill the two Zombies waiting through the door. You’ll find another chest. The chest contains a map that alludes to a ‘Rainbow Rock’ where treasure is to be found. The Rainbow Rock is located in the Emridy Meadows, near the village of Hommlet. This prospect of wealth becomes the party’s call to adventure.

The easiest way to find the Rainbow Rock is to pursue the Terjon’s Treasure quest. Once the party empties the Rainbow Rock of its treasure, the Chaotic Neutral vignette is complete.

Lawful Evil

The party has an audience with the High Priest of Hextor, the God of Tyranny. A legendary sword empowered by both chaos and holiness, Fragarach, has resurfaced. Your mission is to destroy the blade before it makes its mark upon the world again. The High Priest wants you to begin by contacting Turuko in the village of Hommlet.

Turuko, a monk with a large straw hat, can be found in the Wicked Wench Tavern at #7 in Hommlet. Ask him where the sword can be found, and he’ll suggest making a start with the Moathouse, and then mark it on your world map.

For more information on where to find Fragarach, refer to the Daring Rescues quest. However you end up procuring the weapon from its original bearer, bring it back to Turuko so that he can destroy it. This completes the Lawful Evil vignette.

Neutral Evil

The party lays waste to a church dedicated to St. Cuthbert. The party then battles the last remaining priest. Upon defeat, the priest then laments that the home church of Terjon has been destroyed. Terjon, being the Canon of the Church of St. Cuthbert in Hommlet, beckons as another potential target for the party’s malice.

Terjon can be found in the Church of St. Cuthbert, located at #33 in Hommlet. Once inside the Church, give Calmert a 10gp donation in order to gain an audience with Terjon. Then head upstairs. Terjon will be in the south corner. In the ensuing conversation, Terjon is bound to get violently upset with the party. He’ll be a little much for a first level party.

There are two ways to complete the Lawful Evil vignette. One is to select the ‘flee for your life’ option once Terjon attacks. This brings the party outside the church at the front door. The party can then interact with both Calmert and Terjon as though nothing had happened. The second way, and the one that seems more in keeping with the vignette, is to up yourself a few levels and take Terjon down.

Chaotic Evil

This vignette starts off with the party slaughtering a small community of innocent villagers. The party will have to enter combat to complete the slaughter. The last remaining villager makes a desperate plea for his life. The bargaining chip he clings to is to tell the party that Rannos Davl had already taken the village’s wealth. Opportunity knocks as they say.

Rannos can be found at #21 in Hommlet. The question for the Chaotic Evil party is, do they kill Rannos for the wealth the villager referred to, or do they tap Rannos’ shoulder for further opportunities. The former choice leads to an early conclusion to the Chaotic Evil vignette.

If you pursue the latter option, mention the village you just slaughtered. Ask if you can join. You’ll have to prove yourself first, by clearing out the Moathouse. He’ll put the location of the Moathouse on your world map. Once the dungeon has been cleared out, come back to Rannos and see where you go from there.
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