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Hommlet map


Church of St. CuthbertSt. Cuthbert, the god of retribution, is a relatively new religious force in the game world. In the specific locale of Hommlet, his church (#33) is ever on the lookout to expand its influence under the leadership of Canon Terjon. Aside from the Farmers’ Feud quest, there are a few additional tasks that the party can perform for the church.

The first time you arrive here though, the warden, Calmert, will insist that you make a donation to the poor box before going upstairs to see Terjon.

Incidentally, Calmert also has a few goods for sale. The most notable are a Holy Mace +1 and Holy Water. When I can afford it, which won’t be until much later, I buy the Holy Mace +1 for Ferofist. It allows him to score blunt damage when the occasion calls for it. While Sir Tirion might be a candidate, it must be borne in mind that Clerics only start off with Simple Weapon proficiencies. It is best to let Ferofist have it.

Collecting the Church Dues

Calmert himself has a task for you. A recent convert, named Cavanaugh, hasn’t been keeping up with the monthly dues that he owes to the church. Calmert wants you to procure those dues.

CavanaughAs it turns out, Cavanaugh is one of the apprentices at the brewery (#30). He can be pretty difficult to spot within the brewery, and that’s deliberate on his part. He’s maintaining a low profile by hiding amongst the barrels along the back wall of the brewery.

There are two ways to handle this quest. A character with a modest Intimidate skill can scare him into paying his dues. Bring the news to Calmert for an experience point reward. Allow 24 hours to elapse. You’ll notice that Cavanaugh is no longer a brewery apprentice, but now a panhandler in front of the Welcome Wench at #7. He was caught stealing by the brewmeister, beaten, and then turned out on his ear. At this point, the party can ask for his forgiveness and then offer him a place in the party. At the time of writing, I don’t know what his ability scores are, but I’m sure I’d rather do without.

I preferred to go the other way, which was to go back to Calmert and offer to pay the dues owed. This also nets the party an experience point reward.

Flour for the Pantry

On the basement level of the church, you’ll find Myella. She’s become impatient about waiting for sacks of grain from the local miller, Mytch.

The Mill can be found at #26. Mytch is hesitant to, because he hasn’t received permission from Jaroo yet. There are 3 possible routes to go.

One way is for a character with a sufficient Bluff skill to trick Mytch into believing that Jaroo has already approved of the donation of flour to Myella.

For those of a more evil bent, a character with a good enough Intimidate skill can threaten harm to his family in order to force him to donate the flour.

My preferred method was to have Sir Tirion use his Diplomacy skill. He’ll indicate to Mytch that he’ll take the matter up with Jaroo. The party then visits Jaroo at #9, where Sir Tirion can persuade Jaroo to permit a weekly donation of flour to both faiths. The party then returns to Mytch, and Sir Tirion persuades him to seal the deal. The party can then bring the good news back to Myella for an experience point reward.

Terjon’s Treasure

In order to gain an audience with Terjon, the party must first provide a 10gp donation to Calmert, who’s on the first floor of the church. Once the donation is made, the party then goes upstairs. Terjon will be in the south corner of the 2nd level. To get this quest, question Terjon about the history of the church of St. Cuthbert. Then ask him about the Temple of Elemental Evil. He’ll reveal that he lost a pendant of sentimental value when he fought during the Battle of Emridy Meadows. The party can then offer to retrieve the pendant for him. Terjon will also mention that the pendant is underneath the ‘Rainbow Rock’ if you started with the Neutral Good vignette. Otherwise, he’ll simply allude to a multi-coloured rock as a hint.

Emridy MeadowsEmridy Meadows is a rather desolate place. Indeed, it is crawling with Skeletons, Zombies, and Gnoll Skeletons. It is helpful to bring along both slashing and blunt weapons for this trip. Blunt weapons will be able to damage the skeletons, while the slashing weapons are for choice against the Zombies. There are two principal locations in this field that the party should take note of.

  1. A Hill Giant and a Brown Bear do a somewhat tight patrol of this spot. It is possible for even low-level parties to pull off a victory here. You can often catch them separate and apart, defeat each individually, and rest up between victories. If the party can catch the Brown Bear by itself, it is possible to melee the party after an application of spells such as Doom or Ray of Enfeeblement. Where the Hill Giant is concerned, my method was to cast Entanglement upon him. Once he’s caught in the vines, my party pelted him with Magic Missiles, crossbow bolts, and sling stones. If both the Giant and the Bear are together, Entanglement works just as well on them. Cheesy perhaps, yet eminently practical.

    Hill GiantIf you don’t have Entangle, Web, or any other spell capable of rendering the Hill Giant unable to attack altogether, you’re well advised to put this off until you’ve advanced a few levels.

    Loot the Hill Giant’s corpse for no small amount of treasure. Look around the spot they patrolled for various items. I’ll describe the more notable ones. There is a Cloak of Elvenkind, and a Green Elven Chain. You’ll also find a Wooden Elven Shield, which makes a decent enough shield for Alliria, being a Druid.

  2. Rainbow RockAt this location is a Rainbow Stone wherein you can find Terjon’s pendant. You’ll also find a rather interesting Fungi Figurine and a fair bit of treasure.

    Now it is time to head back to Terjon. You’ll get an experience point reward, and a reduction in price for his services, for returning his pendant to him. If you show him the figure, he’ll vehemently state that it is a thoroughly evil object, and that you would be well advised to be rid of it. However, it does summon a fungus of a random type once a day. And I’ve yet to notice any bad karma coming my way for having used it.
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