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Hommlet map


The Welcome WenchThe Welcome Wench, located at #7, is the local tavern and inn for the village. There are a number of NPCs available for recruitment. That is, if you decide you really want them. There is also a quest here that offers more than one path.

The Gambler

The tavern keeper is ToEE’s very own approximation of Barliman Butterbur of LoTR fame, Ostler Gandigoot. Put up your 2 gold pieces for a room, and he’ll offer you a proposition. If you can catch the resident gambler, Furnok, in the act of cheating a visitor to the town (like yourself), you’ll always be welcome to a free room in the inn.

Furnok is in fact a recruitable Rogue, located near the north corner of the main floor. Like pretty much the rest of the recruitable NPCs, his stats aren’t anything amazing. Mind you, he does come with a Ring of Invisibility and a Dagger +1. At any rate, a character with a high enough Spot skill, like Alliria, can catch him cheating at dice or cards.

Once he is caught, the party is confronted with an interesting choice. When his back is to the wall, he’ll offer to join the party for free. He’ll still loot quite a bit though.

For my part, I prefer my usual crew as is. I simply report him to Ostler for an experience point reward, and a free room for resting whenever I drop by the Welcome Wench.

Kobort and Turuko

This duo can be found along the north wall of the floor. Turuko is a Monk, while Kobort is an extremely dumb Barbarian. To get one, you have to include the other. The party also has to have 4 members or less beforehand. Frankly, Turuko’s stats are pitiful for his chosen role as a monk. The other catch is that they are apparently liable to turn on you when your party’s wounded.


Spugnoir is a Wizard who’s on a mission to collect scrolls for his master. He can be found along the east wall near the entrance. Considering that his looting is limited to scrolls, he might be an o.k. addition if you’ve already got a Sorcerer.

At any rate, if you ask him enough questions, he’ll reveal the locations of both the Moathouse dungeon, and Emridy Meadows, on your World Map.


Zert, a Fighter, is located on the 2nd floor of the Inn. His drawbacks, the low constitution score, his costly looting behaviour, and his propensity to betray you, make him simply not worth it.

Drinking Contest

Come to the Welcome Wench at nighttime, and you’ll notice a few people have dropped by. These include Valden, the wainwright, Elmo, the usual drunk, Tupurello, one of the apprentices from the brewery, and Zert, who has come downstairs. If you have a character speak to Tupurello, you can take him up on an offer of a drinking contest. Pretty much everybody present besides Elmo and Ostler Gandigoot will join in on the contest to see who will be the last man standing. Your stiffest competition will come from Kobort the barbarian.

A character with a Constitution score of at least 18 and at least 20 hit points has a small chance of winning the competition (in my case, Ferofist). If you do win, you’ll get a sizeable experience point award for it. The character will have to sleep off the effects of the alcohol. On the other hand, the other contestants will be passed out on the floor. Now’s your chance to steal a few items from them.

Also note that if you have a Paladin in your party, chances are good that the Paladin will become ‘Fallen’, losing his Paladin powers. Lucky for me, Sir Tirion hasn’t changed over yet.


Glora Gandigoot, Ostler’s Wife, is also serving drinks. When you first step into the Welcome Wench, she’ll be just to your left standing in front of the bar. She can fill you in on recent goings on in Hommlet (i.e. quests), the recent uprise in bandit activity, and its connection with the nearby Moathouse. However, she won’t give you anything unless you give her some incentive. In other words, you have to pay her gold.
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