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Alliria, Female Half-Elf Druid 10

AlliriaAlignment: Neutral Good

Strength: 14
Intelligence: 12
Constitution: 16
Wisdom: 17
Dexterity: 15
Charisma: 13

1) Why She’s Included

It could be fairly said that I’ve had a sentimental penchant for playing female druids since my discovery of Jaheira in Baldur's Gate 2. The Druid is a character class that won’t be spectacular at any one thing. Yet it is a character class that demonstrates amazing versatility. Alliria will help Ferofist shoulder a good deal of the healing load. She’ll probably have the best summoning spells in the game, since they can bring Elemental beings to her aid. She isn’t outstanding when it comes to physical combat, but that can change very quickly with the right equipment, or if she calls upon her shapeshifting powers. Some of her spells also exemplify the more destructive aspects of nature, such that she can assist the arcane spellcasters if there’s a need for it. With the proper skill development and feats, she can provide much the same benefits as a ranger, but with more spell power to show for it.

2) Ability Score Increases

4th Level / +1 to Wisdom

For much the same reasons as with Ferofist.

8th Level / +1 to Dexterity

In order to bring her Dexterity modifier to +3. Being a character limited to leather armor, it well behooves her to take advantage of the dexterity modifier that it allows. It will also increase her Reflex saving throws, and her proficiency with slings or darts.

3) Skills

Concentration – For the same reasons as with Ferofist.

Heal – Same thing.

Listen – The significance of this skill is to keep the surprise rounds against your party to a minimum. Alliria, with her high Wisdom score, is ideal for this skill.

Spot – This allows the party a chance of discovering when a creature is trying to surprise the party through its Hide skill. Again with her high Wisdom score, Alliria is the ideal candidate.

Survival – When the party travels over the world map, this skill (developed to an appropriately high level) allows the party the choice between engaging monsters during a random encounter, or avoiding them altogether. Indeed, until you’ve found the right weapon(s), Trolls should be avoided whenever possible.

4) Feats

Alliria’s early feats will be the same, and for the same reasons.

1st Level / Improved Initiative

3rd Level / Spell Focus: Conjuration

Which is a prerequisite for:

6th Level / Augment Summoning

I love to have my Druid summon elementals to the party’s aid. This spell increases their Strength and their Constitution scores. It is hard to argue with a feat that will improve both damaging ability, and staying power.

9th Level / Combat Casting
Same as with Ferofist. Feat selections are often a difficult judgement call, especially in the early going. Here, I decided I wanted to augment the power of my summoned elementals first.

Feats not Included /

Track – You can live without it when you think about it.

Natural Spell – While I use shapeshifting sometimes, I don’t do it often enough to justify taking this feat. If there’s an expansion, I’ll probably be more amenable to it when my Druid gains the ability to transform into an elemental.

Silent Spell and Still Spell – Same reasoning as with Ferofist.

5) Spell Selection

To some degree, the comments that I made with regards to Ferofist apply to Alliria as well. However, the Druid typically has less protective spells and combat buffers. Instead, she has different emphases, which are:

Summoning Spells – Sure, the cleric has the Monster Summoning spells, but I prefer the selections available with the Summon Nature’s Ally spells, which accesses the more powerful Elementals at a faster rate. Giant Vermin is also quite handy.

Offensive Spells – The Druid can supplement the Sorcerer’s firepower with a few spells of her own, like Ice Storm and Flame Strike (earned a level earlier than the Cleric).
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