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Hommlet map


There are a number of quests in Hommlet that involve bringing people together romantically, and finding a little for yourself.

Farmers’ Feud

This is actually a rather prolonged quest involving several people (or series of quests, depending on how you look at it) and more than one romantic relationship. What is now described below is a smooth sequence that will make it all come together.

First, visit Percy at #1. He and his brother and fellow farmer, Filliken, are at odds over the sharing of space in the same barn. The solution that both he and his wife, Gwynneth, propose is that a widow named Mathilde could marry Filliken, and then buy him a new barn as a dowry.

Filliken can be found in the house just north of the barn located at #5. He simply isn’t warm to any suggestion that involves accommodating Percy, even for a new barn.

Mathilde can be found in the house located at #4. Mathilde already has her sights set on Filliken, and would gladly buy a new barn for him. Unfortunately, the local carpenter claims to be too busy to bother with such a project.

Rik Likin, the carpenter, can be found at #13. His real problem with building a barn is that he doesn’t feel very welcome in Hommlet, being a member of the church of St. Cuthbert, which in turn affects his business. He would like to make a public gesture by having his brother Marek convert to the Old Faith, and then marry Filliken’s daughter, Althea. Marek is more than agreeable. Both brothers feel that such a move would make them more accepted by the locals.

JarooNow it is time to speak to Jaroo Ashstaff, the resident druid of Hommlet. He can be found at #9. In principle, Jaroo doesn’t oppose Marek’s conversion. However, he does try to maintain at least neutral relations with the canon of the church of St. Cuthbert, Terjon. Before Jaroo will perform the conversion, Terjon’s consent must be obtained first.

Now head over to the church of St. Cuthbert, located at #33. Remember, you need to pay a 10gp donation to Calmert on the first floor before you can speak to Terjon. Terjon will be found on the second floor of the church, in the south corner. Terjon is willing to allow Marek’s conversion only if Jakko, the local leatherworker, can be persuaded to join the church of St. Cuthbert.

Jakko Barton can be found at #6. He is only willing to convert upon a sufficiently impressive display of St. Cuthbert’s power. To be specific, he wants his brother-in-law, Bing, to be cured of a curse that renders Bing inept. Terjon has apparently already declared such an act beyond his means. However, Jakko’s wife, Lisbeth, hints that the Church might have a scroll or potion lying around that could help.

Back to the church of St. Cuthbert we go. Again, go up the stairs to the second level. Notice that there will be a bookcase on either side of the staircase. Click on the one to the right. One of the scrolls will be a Scroll of Heal. Be sure that it is properly ‘identified’ as a Scroll of Heal before heading back to Jakko’s place.

Now use the Scroll of Heal on Bing. His head should clear up instantly. Jakko now gives his nod to joining the fold of St. Cuthbert.

Speak to Terjon. Terjon reluctantly keeps his word, and gives Marek permission to convert to the Old Faith. For this turn of events, the party gets an experience point reward.

First, go back to Jaroo at #9 and inform him of Terjon’s newly given consent. Jaroo acknowledges the consent and will perform the conversion.

Now make your way back to Rik and Marek at #13. Marek informs you that he and Althea have already planned their marriage. Rik now agrees to make building a barn his top priority, provided he is assured by Mathilde that it will be paid for.

Go back to Mathilde at #4. She informs you that she will speak to Rik about purchasing the new barn.

Now its time to come full circle and speak with Filliken at #5. Filliken isn’t about to agree to a new barn just for the sake of making peace with Percy. It takes the suggestion of courting Mathilde to make progress. Even so, he remains reluctant because he feels that he hasn’t mourned enough for his previous wife as of yet.

Since Filliken is Old Faith, the logical next step is to speak to Jaroo again at #9. Jaroo explains to you that 1 year is enough to mourn the passing of a spouse.

Now come back to Filliken at #5 and tell him that Jaroo feels that he’s mourned long enough. The feud is now settled, and the party reaps an experience point reward.

Sweeping Her off Her Feet

MelenyWhile you’ve been in Filliken’s home, you may have noticed that his two daughters were standing about. One is named Althea, who as previously indicated is the object of Marek’s affections. The other is named Meleny, who carries quite the high-pitched voice ala Aerie of Baldur’s Gate 2. A character with a high enough Charisma can woo Meleny into thoughts of marriage. Apparently the Eagle’s Splendour spell is a legitimate method to use for this quest. You need only to initiate dialogue with Meleny enough times, and select the right dialogue options, in order to get your foot into the door.

But you’re only partway there. She needs her father’s permission first. Filliken won’t consent unless Althea has married first. If you’ve taken the necessary steps involved with the Farmers’ Feud quest, this will have already been cleared by now. With that out of the way, Filliken then interrogates you to gauge your honour and sincerity. By simply giving him the right dialogue options, you can obtain his permission, and experience point reward, and a Holy Sword +1 to boot. The sword will inflict an extra 2d6 points of damage on evil opponents. My observation though was that the weapon, for all intents and purposes, is and performs as a +3 weapon. As such, Sir Tirion has his weapon for the rest of the game.

The logical extension of the dialogues is that you’re going to take Meleny with you on your adventures. As such, Meleny is a recuitable NPC, and a Druid. Her stats are rather pitiful to say the least though. Not only that, but she hoards ALL the treasure. But who says you have to take her? That occurs ONLY if you speak to her after Filliken gives his blessing. I simply have Sir Tirion take the sword, which is ideal for his use, and leave. I rationalize it that Sir Tirion is due to come home after the quest is completed.

Another Farmer’s Daughter

At the east end of the village (#27) lives a secluded farmer named Holten Kindlehopper, along with his rather overbearing daughter named Fruella. Holten would love nothing better than for somebody, anybody, to marry his daughter and take her off his hands. This can be ascertained by anybody with a reasonable Gather Information check.

For her part, Fruella insists on a proper church wedding. This of course means that her father will have to convert to the church of St. Cuthbert. Holten is only too willing to oblige. Now comes the first catch. She’s coming along for the ride, and there won’t ever be any telling her to stay put at home. Ever. Yep, Fruella is a recruitable Fighter. Pretty good stats, but now comes the other catch, she claims ALL the treasure that the party finds. All of it. As far as I’m concerned, it just isn’t worth it.

A note of interest is the weapon she carries, a masterwork hand-axe called Great Cleaver. It scores an impressive 1-10 damage, has a critical threat range of 17-20, and scores triple damage on a critical hit. Since it can also be enchanted, it is the weapon of choice for Ferofist. But I don’t get it just here. There’s another to be found later in the game. The only way to get this one is probably to murder Fruella, which frankly doesn’t make a lot of roleplaying sense.
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