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This page provides solutions for a number of miscellaneous quests that don’t quite fit into any of the previous categories.

In the Army

Pay a visit to the local tailor, Jinnerth, at #20. He dreams of becoming a member of the militia of Hommlet. However, the captain, Hroth Renton, won’t admit him because he’s too short. Offer to talk to Renton for Jinnerth.

Pay a visit to Renton at #2. He’ll give you the same explanation, Jinnerth is just too short. Sir Tirion, with his skill in Diplomacy, can convince Renton to admit Jinnerth on the basis of his sewing uniforms for the militia members.

There’s other ways of doing it too. If a Cleric is in the party, a character with a good enough Bluff skill can convince Renton that your god is displeased. Renton then feels obliged to accept Jinnerth. Another way is to have Elmo in your party. You can argue that since you were willing to bring Elmo on board, Renton should be willing to accept Jinnerth.

Bring the good news back to Jinnerth for an experience point reward. If you went the Diplomacy route, whether or not you want to give Jinnerth the 20gp to get him started on the army uniforms is entirely up to you.

Another Conversion for St. Cuthbert

Find your way to the mill, located at #26. Speak with the miller’s servant, Erliter. Erliter wants to convert to the faith of St. Cuthbert. He is, however, nervous about how his employer, a devotee of the Old Faith, is going to react.

Sir Tirion, with his skill in Diplomacy, opens up the right dialogue threads to convince Mytch, the miller, to allow Erliter to convert. Talk to Erliter again to gain an experience point reward.

Stealing from the Rich

In order to complete this quest, you must first have completed the Farmers’ Feud quest. If you pay Otello a visit at #19, he’ll hint that he hasn’t been doing very well as a farmer, but he’s got a plan to see him through. You’ll soon find out what he means.

After Filliken and Mathilde have hooked up, pay Filliken another visit at #5. He’ll intimate that he’s noticed some wealth of his has gone missing of late. He’d like you to find out why.

Come back to Filliken’s house at #5 during evening hours. You’ll find Otello on the west side of the house. You’ve caught him in the act of stealing from Filliken’s stash, and it won’t take much effort to get him to admit it. The dialogue then offers 4 ways of dealing with the problem. The choice you make doesn’t particularly matter, except for purely roleplaying reasons as to how harsh or compassionate you want to be about it. Report to Filliken for an experience point reward.

Otello consequently becomes a beggar in front of the Welcome Wench. But worry not, Jaroo accepts responsibility for his family.

Paida’s Rescue

This quest is available only to Lawful Good parties by virtue of the Lawful Good vignette. The party first has to bring news of the caravan’s ambush to Valden at #11. He’ll want you to rescue his wife, Paida. Paida will not be found until much later, at #8 in the Temple of Elemental Evil, level 4. The link also provides information on how to free Paida from the grasp of the Temple. The link will also contain several spoilers, so proceed at your own discretion.

Once you’ve escorted Paida back to Valen, you’ll get an experience point reward.
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