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Hommlet map


Talking to the Woodcutter

Find Tarim at #3. He’s a woodcutter by profession. Apparently Deklo wood is highly prized for its strength and durability, and he would like to get his hands on some. There’s just one little problem. The grove is infested with giant spiders. This is where you come in. He’d like you to kill the spiders for him. He indicates that Jaroo, the local Druid won’t mind. As far as I know, you can hold him to that. No conversation with Jaroo reveals any concern over your actions concerning the grove.

Killing the Spiders

Deklo GroveUpon arriving at the grove, the party is beset by two Giant Spiders. They cast Web as an innate power, and their poison can drain Strength. The recommended strategy is to keep your comrades as close together as possible. The reason for this is to prevent party members from being kept apart by the webs, and therefore in isolated danger. By sticking together, the possibility for concentrating multiple attacks upon a single spider that approaches remains intact. Until the spiders approach, missile weapons come in handy. If your party members have the initiative, have your fighters step up directly in front of the remaining party members to meet the onset of the spiders.

Leveling Up

This is one of many areas where you can keep resting until random monsters arrive to attack you. I suggest that it is well worth your while to earn your first 1,000 xp needed to progress to the next level at this spot. The reason for this is that it well behooves your party to be of at least 3rd-level before taking on the first dungeon of the game, the Moathouse. The ideal plan is to obtain your 2nd-level here, then perform the various quests in Hommlet so as to become 3rd-level by the time you leave for the Moathouse.

The Good News

Bring the news of the spiders’ demise to Tarim to earn your first experience point reward in Hommlet.
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