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Amulet of Wisdom
Special: +4 to Wisdom
Location: Chest at #6 in the Fire Elemental Node.

Boots of Elvenkind
Special: +5 to Move Silently checks
Location: Offered by Black Jay in Hommlet if you find his wife’s ring.

Boots of Speed
Special: Doubles the wearers’ foot speed.
Location: Carried by Barkinar. Barkinar can be found just south of #12 or near #11 in the Temple of Elemental Evil, Level 4.

Fungus Figurine
Special: Summons a fungus to fight for the party once each day.
Location: The Rainbow Rock, in the eastern portion of the Emridy Meadows.

Headband of Intellect +4
Special: +4 to Intelligence.
Location: #11 in the Earth Elemental Node.

Holy Water
Special: Damage to undead and evil outsiders, I presume. It is also pertinent to one of the paths the party may take during the Endgame.
Location: Sold by Calmert at #33 in Hommlet. Sold by Skole in the Boatmen’s Tavern in Nulb.

Scarab of Proof Against Poison
Special: Wearer is immune to poison.
Location: Sold by Skole in the Boatmen’s Tavern in Nulb.

Senshock’s Robes
Special: +3 bonus to Armor Class, which doesn’t stack with body armor. +16 to Spell Resistance.
Location: Carried by Senshock at #11 in the Temple of Elemental Evil, level 4.

Troll Bone Helm
Special: This is a masterwork helm that can be enchanted to +3 so as to have a +3 bonus to Armor Class. It won’t stack with body armor. It can also be worn by Druids.
Location: Carried by the troll chief, Oohlgrist, at #21 in the Temple of Elemental Evil, Level 2.
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