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The Temple of Elemental Evil Online Solution by David Milward


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Temple: Entrance
Temple entrance map


My first priority is to rescue a couple of individuals with a view towards getting richly rewarded. Those two individuals are Prince Thrommel and Countess Tillahi. Yes, it’s rather bad roleplaying on my part. I admit it. But hey, certain items are available through the Craft Wondrous Item feat, and I want the gold to finance some of them as soon as possible.


1. The first step is to make for the Broken Tower. At the Temple Entrance, take the exit at #3.

2. When you approach the Broken Tower, to the north, you’ll get accosted by a front guard. If you sweet-talked either Renstch or Wat into recruiting you when visiting the Waterside Hostel, the guard will gain you swift entrance to either Romag of the Earth Temple or Alremm of the Fire Temple. For more information on this, see the Elemental Quests section.

Its just as well for me to kill him and move in.

Broken Tower3. Here the party will fall under a massive ambush. There are many Brigands here, some of whom engage in missile attacks, while others engage in melee combat. The Brigand Leader has the Tumble skill, and is capable of making trip attacks. He’ll often single out your arcane spellcasters for this. There are also two Witches and a Wizard to make matters worse. I don’t recommend trying this out without an area-affect spell like Fireball, due to the large numbers involved.

On the Brigand Leader’s body, you’ll find a Long Sword +1, a Banded Armor +1, a Shield +2, and the key to his chest. In his chest, in the north corner, you’ll find a variety of treasure that can be sold.

Find a secret door, also in the north corner, and you’ll find your way to the ladder.

Escape Tunnel4. The stairs lead to the Escape Tunnel shown in the picture to the left. There are 3 exits in this small area. The one to the left leads to a Burnt Farmhouse. From there, the party can use the World Map to get back to Hommlet. The one in the center leads up to the Broken Tower, and is the ladder we just came down. The one to the right leads to #2 in the Temple of Elemental Evil, Level 3. This is where my party wants to head next.

Temple: Dungeon Level 3
Temple dungeon level 3 map

5. The idea for me now is to make as straight a line as possible for the captives, with as little conflict as possible. After all, I want my party members primed up for the combat that take place in this Temple. From #2, I head through the secret tunnel, the ends of which are marked by #20. From the right-hand #20, I then head for the stairs up located at #1. This leads me to #30 on Level 2.

Temple: Dungeon Level 2
Temple dungeon level 2 map

6. From #31 there is a secret door just to the right at #30. Once you’ve passed that door, head north into the large hallway that runs horizontally. Go east. You’ll run into a small group of Ogres at #10, led by an Ogre Shaman. They shouldn’t be very difficult by now, especially if you hit first with a Fireball.

7. From here, I move on and then take down the Ogre and Bugbear guards at #6.

Countess Tillahi8. At #7 is the first captive, the elven noblelady, Countess Tillahi. She insists on showing her pride and independence, but she will however accept your directions on leaving the Temple.

9. The party heads a little bit east and takes the stairs at #31 down to level 3.

10. From the stairs at #1 (the topmost corner) the party heads straight for #19. Keep in mind that there’s a secret door just before #19. Here you’ll find Prince Thrommel, the hero you saw going straight for a towering demonic-looking woman in the opening movie.

Prince ThrommelHe’s apparently been held captive in a state of stasis for the last 7 years. He’d like to join your party so as to find his way out and return to his lost love. As such, Prince Thrommel is willing to join your party until you find your way out of the Temple.

Players of a certain bent may find themselves tempted by his sword, Fragarach, which is a more powerful version of Scather. Indeed, JaggedJim’s excellent walkthrough has described a method to score both Fragarach and Scather. However, that’s a little too much for me roleplaying-wise. And besides, the way I have my party set up, I only have room for one chaotic-aligned blade, not two. As such, I’m content with Scather.

11. My party escorts the Prince back the way it came. The Prince will offer a reward for his rescue. By all means, accept the offer. You have to allow 20 to 30 days to pass. Once that length of time has passed, his reward courier will show up as a random encounter in the wilderness. What I did was resting 30 days in the Welcome Wench in Hommlet. I then went back and forth between Hommlet and Nulb until Lord Grundwell showed up.

Lord Grundwell gives to each member of the party the following; a Gold Crown Badge of Furyondy, a Silver Star Badge of Veluna, a Potion of Cure Serious Wounds, 2000 platinum pieces (equivalent of 20,000 gold pieces) and a Ring of Protection +1. The party also receives one Ring of Freedom of Movement.

As an added bonus, he’ll throw in Scather, a +4 greatsword that is both holy and chaotic aligned. It is a ‘brilliant’ weapon. For purposes of ToEE, what this means is that it is guaranteed to strike its intended target without fail. The drawback is that the weapon won’t affect constructs (e.g. golems) and certain undead. This is the weapon of choice for the chaotic good Valarian. He can now maximize his use of the Combat Expertise and Power Attack feats. While it is true that he can only attack once each round, those attacks inflict devastating damage and add up. It also enhances his ability to act as a decoy to absorb enemy attacks.


I’ve recently came upon a much more efficient manner of obtaining Scather, which has been discovered by Armisael and Greywulf of the GameBanshee forums. The procedure is to get Prince Thrommel to join your party. Now cast Teleport to bring your party directly to Hommlet. If your arcane spellcasters don’t have Teleport, buy a Teleport scroll from Rufus in Hommlet beforehand. Once in Hommlet, the Prince will promise you a reward and then leave the party. Now pass time for 14 days. Leave for Nulb. It is absolutely guaranteed, without any random chance of any other encounter, that your party will run into the courier and receive Scather as well as all the other goodies.

12. Also bound to appear is the Elven scout. In my experience, the party also has to do some dungeon exploring in addition to the 30 day wait in order to trigger this encounter. The Elven courier gives the party 100 platinum pieces each, a Unicorn Elven Ring, and is supposed to give the party a Blue Elven Chain. The party doesn’t receive the chain due to a bug that has yet to be resolved. At any rate, I’m not overly concerned because there is another set of Blue Elven Chain at #21 of the Temple of Elemental Evil, level 3.

Now that the party has racked up some cash, it is time to craft some items.
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