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Temple: The Throne Room
Temple throne room map


To understand the significance of this section, you need to understand what is at work within the Temple. There are four rival factions competing with each other for supremacy. Those factions are the Temples of Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. Depending on your own decisions, you may be able to ingratiate yourself with at least one of those factions. That’s where this section of the Temple comes in. You’ll find 4 chests, each containing robes affiliated with each of the elemental factions. Donning these robes is the key to having free run of the 1st and 2nd levels of the Temple.

The other significance of this section is that this is the entrance to the climax of the game. That won’t be until later though.

1. The exit to the outdoors.

2. A locked chest containing eight Earth Robes.

3. A locked chest containing eight Air Robes.

4. A locked chest containing eight Fire Robes.

5. A locked chest containing eight Water Robes.

6. Stairs leading down to Level 1 of the Temple.

7. The Throne, which contains a hidden passageway to where the climax of the game takes place. That will not be until much later though.

8. Around here the party will be able to find a secret door. Once the party steps through that door, they'll find a staircase leading to #10 of the Temple of Elemental Evil, Level 1. Note that if you take this way down, you’ll get attacked from all sides by a large number of Gnoll Skeletons and other undead.
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