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Temple: Dungeon Level 4
Temple dungeon level 4 map


If you performed all 3 assigned tasks for either Romag, Kelno, or Alremm, you'll be led straight to the presence of the High Priest of the Greater Temple, Hedrack. The party will find itself at #12 in the Temple of Elemental Evil, Level 4. If you did all 3 quests for Belsornig, he'll simply point you in the direction of the 4th level, along with an encouragement to clear it out violently.

In any event, Hedrack has a task for you. Something is causing a disturbance on the 3rd level of the Temple. His guards have been unable to resolve the problem. It's now up to you. Note that refusing him at this point is a very bad idea. You'll instantly get attacked from all sides by practically everybody that resides on the fourth level. Bugbears, Ogres, Ettins, Hill Giants, Wizards, Hedrack, you name it.

*NOTE* My Paladin led party had by this point slaughtered all of the other elemental factions, so Hedrack is pretty much going to go hostile. But at least this way I have the opportunity to dig myself into a near corner with my spellcasters safely having their backs to the wall, and my warriors forming a shield wall.

As it turns out, the cause of the disturbance is a Hill Giant named Scorpp. He can be found at #4 in the Temple of Elemental Evil, Level 3. He also keeps a pet Worg named Splot for company. Scorpp won't be difficult to kill, largely because he never takes his hands off his crossbow, thereby provoking attacks of opportunity.

Kill Scorpp, and then report your success to Hedrack. You'll be initiated into the Greater Temple. At this point, the game comes to a close. The consequences of your actions lead to the ultimate victory of the Temple of Elemental Evil, with you participating in their ranks. For more information on your ending movie, refer to the End Movies section.

Please note that if you recruit Scorpp into your party and come back to Hedrack, Hedrack will go hostile and initiate combat.
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