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Valarian, Male Elf Rogue 2/ Wizard 8

ValarianAlignment: Chaotic Good

Strength: 13
Intelligence: 18
Constitution: 15
Wisdom: 15
Dexterity: 20
Charisma: 11

1) Why He’s Included

The construction of this character, and the reasons for it, are somewhat complex. This is a character that will fill many roles, which are now described below.

Thief – Yes, he’s going to pick the locks and disarm the traps (rare though they are in ToEE). In this regard, combining Wizard and Rogue is such an easy blend because Intelligence hones both the Wizard’s spellcasting, and the Rogue’s thieving skills.

Secondary Arcane Caster – Valarian takes an important load of the shoulders of the party Sorcerer. Indeed, there are some arcane spells that only need to be cast once to be meaningful within combat. For example, casting Haste once at the start of the combat is sufficient and need not be cast again for the remainder of the encounter. Such spells seem wasted on the Sorcerer, who is allowed only a very limited selection of spells. In this regard, one-time spells are best left to a Wizard, who dedicates only one slot to the spell.

Sideline Fighter – In the course of ToEE, Valarian will not be able to swing more than once in any given round. However, once he finds Scather, an extremely deadly and chaos-aligned sword, that one attack per round is going to add up.

Archer – Even with a lower Base Attack Bonus, Valarian will be able to use his high Dexterity score and the right items in order to become a formidable archer in his own right. One of the points behind making him an elf was to acquire the Martial Proficiency: Long Bow feat for free.

Decoy – With the right equipment, spells, and feats, Valarian will become very difficult to scratch during melee confrontations. He can absorb and hold up a large number of creatures harmlessly, letting his comrades go to work on the others. His use of Evasion (the point behind 2 levels of Rogue to begin with) will allow him to absorb enemy, or even friendly, spells that cause damage harmlessly if he makes his Reflex Saving Throw.

Item Creator – Only the Wizard or Sorcerer can access the full range of 2nd-level spells that enhance ability scores that are used to create powerful magic items. Such spells would be a waste if selected by the Sorcerer. Therefore, it falls to Valarian to craft them.

2) Ability Score Increases

4th Level / +1 to Constitution

In order to raise the modifier to +3, and increase his Hit Points.

8th Level / +1 to Dexterity

Dexterity is the quintessential ability for thieving characters, and will improve Valarian in so many ways in the future.

3) Skills

At the outset, it must be noted that the number of skill points to spend will be less when I multi-class to Wizard at the 3rd level. The skills described below are the ones that I emphasized while advancing as a Wizard. They represent the most useful and essential.

Appraise – This is the skill that affects how much of a return your party gets on the items they sell, and how cheaply they can buy items. Once Valarian picks up his 1st Wizard level, he’ll select a Raven as his familiar in order to gain a +3 bonus to his appraise skill. Unlike the BG series, you can never have too much gold in ToEE.

Concentration – As usual, this is important for any spellcasting class.

Disable Device – Traps are somewhat rare in ToEE, yet this skill is worth it when you do run into them. Besides, going without during a Dungeons and Dragons tour is asking for trouble as far as I’m concerned.

Open Lock – As the name implies, it is used to pick locks.

Search – This skill lets you find the traps to begin with.

Spellcraft – Knowing what spell your enemy has just cast is usually helpful. In Valarian’s case, it also affects his ability to scribe scrolls into his spellbook.

Tumble – This allows Valarian the leisure of changing his combat position and avoid Attacks of Opportunity in the process.

4) Feats

1st level / Improved Initiative

Same as with every other character.

3rd Level / Combat Expertise

When Valarian finds the Scather sword (yes, Scather instead of Fragarach), all of his attacks will hit automatically. Using this feat allows him free 5 points of Armor Class.

6th Level / Craft Wondrous Items

This is the key to all those goodies that will boost your ability scores, and other nice things.

8th Level / Craft Magic Arms and Armor

This allows you to enchant a masterwork armor or weapon into a permanently enchanted magic item. This will definitely be helpful.

9th Level / Power Attack

Another luxury allowed by Scather whereby I can add 5 points of damage to each attack.

5) Spell Selection

Each level, the Wizard is allowed to select two spells to add to his spellbook. I’ll describe which ones I selected, and my rationale behind them.

3rd level (1st level as a Wizard) /

Mage Armor – I used this to tide me over until I found a decent enough Elven Chainmail.

Color Spray – At a loss for anything better really.

4th level /

Enlarge Person – I use it once in a while if I want another character to really crank out the damage.

Magic Missile – Why not?

5th level /

Mirror Image – A defensive staple for Valarian, and assists in his previously described role as a decoy.

Bear’s Endurance – Here I start to collect up on the spells that enable Valarian to make use of the Craft Wondrous Items feat. Note that Fox’s Cunning can be bought in Nulb, and Cat’s Grace can be found in a dungeon.

6th Level /

Owl’s Wisdom – For the Amulets of Wisdom.

Eagle’s Splendour – For the Cloaks of Charisma.

7th Level /

Bull’s Strength – For the Gloves of Giant Strength.

Haste – At this point it is worth noting that certain other spells can be bought from certain vendors in the game. Therefore, logic dictates learning ones not so readily available. In this instance, a spell that makes everybody a little faster and more proficient in combat. Its useful counterpart, Slow, will be available for sale.

8th Level /

Fireball – The spell that makes you feel like a true wizard the first time you cast it.

Keen Edge – The thought of planting this one on your main fighter’s sword is a rather appealing one.

9th Level /

Stoneskin – This spell allows the Wizard to absorb a lot of the damage aimed his way when he happens to get struck in melee.

Confusion – Sometimes sowing division in your enemies is surprisingly effective. The recipients of this spell routinely walk around dazed and confused and never get around to attacking you until it is too late.

10th Level /

Improved Invisibility – Another defensive resource for my decoy.

Fire Shield – Yeah, I can buy it. But I may as well get it for free. Monsters attacking the caster take damage themselves. Can be very useful in conjunction with Stoneskin.
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