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Nulb map


Here we are, at #4, the cesspool of decadence for the little community. It is also the informal headquarters for the leader of the Pirates, Tolub.

Barroom Brawl

The Boatmen's TavernTolub is found in the left side of the Tavern. He’s confident in his ability to lay out an opponent during a fist-fight, and so he welcomes all comers. If you lose once, he’ll dismiss you as already proven inferior if you try to challenge him again. As such, you have only one chance at beating him. A well-developed Monk will have very little trouble besting him. Otherwise, have a pure-fighter type perform the task. Once you succeed, you’ll garner an experience point reward, and a reward, gold or perhaps something else…

Bertram’s Freedom

There are two possible Bertrams. One Bertram is found outside at #2. The other Bertram can be found inside the Boatman’s Tavern if you went past the one at #2 without talking to him. Talking to one causes the other to disappear.

The one at #2 can be courted with a homosexual relationship. The one in the Tavern can be pursued by a female character. Regardless of which avenue you take, Bertram drops more than a hint that he’d like to be out from under Tolub’s heel.

The combat with Tolub during the Barroom Brawl is your one and only chance to earn his freedom. Be advised that whichever character performs the brawl will need to have a lot of hit points and a good Attack Bonus in order to outlast Tolub. If you lose to Tolub, you’ll have to pay out 1000gp to buy Bertram’s freedom. If you defeat Tolub, you can claim Bertram’s freedom as the reward. You can then have Bertram join your party.

Market in the Tavern

Both Lodriss and Skole run a shop here. From Lodriss, you can purchase:

Skole sells:

Assassinating the Barmaid?

To get this going, tell Skole that you’re wanting some danger. Lanatir, with his Intimidate skill, obliges Skole to spill out his amibition. He wants the real owner of the Tavern, Lodriss the Barmaid, dead so that he can take over. He tries to win you over with a garnet gem. A character with a high enough Diplomacy skill can also extract a Small Shield +2 from him as part of the bargain. Skole gives you 3 days to complete the deed before he sends his men to take back his down payment.

There are now two ways to play this. One is to take up Skole on his offer. If you feel confident about winning the fight, you can attack Lodriss in plain view of her thugs in the room. Another way is for a character with a high Diplomacy score to suggest going out for a walk. The party can then lead Lodriss outside the Tavern and then kill her without the Pirates witnessing it. Both methods suffice to earn the party a further reward from Skole. Both methods also cause a Paladin to become “Fallen”. Therefore, I prefer the other route. Please also note that killing Lodriss angers the pirates, and thereby makes a lot of other quests unavailable. These include the Bertram’s Freedom, Barroom Brawl, and Sport Fishing quests.

Rat out Skole to Lodriss. You’ll end up having to give her Skole’s garnet gem in order to convince her of what you’re telling her. Once she’s convinced that Skole is up to no good, the party earns a hefty experience point reward. Now talk to Skole and give him a heads up on his bad situation. He’ll try to exact revenge. He and his goon aren’t particularly difficult. It’s a straight up melee with your arcane spellcasters helping things along. Skole leaves behind some treasure, as well as the Small Shield +2, and a Spear +1. Skole’s Goone leaves behind a Masterwork Bastard Sword.
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