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Neverwinter Nights 2 Online Walkthrough by David Milward

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Act I:   West Harbor  |  Swamp Ruins  |  Weeping Willow Inn  |  Fort Locke  |  Toll Road  |  Graveyard  |  Bandit Camp  |  Maiden's Glade  |  Highcliff  |  Docks District  |  Skymirror  |  Merchant Quarter  |  Back Alley  |  Warehouse  |  Old Owl Well  |  Ironfist Hold  |  Bonegnasher Clan  |  Eyegouger Clan  |  Neverwinter Continued  |  Githyanki

West Harbor: Farlong Upstairs  |  Farlong Downstairs  |  West Harbor  |  Tarmas House  |  Starling House  |  West Harbor After Battle

West Harbor After Battle

West Harbor map

Upon returning, Bevil leaves your party for good.

  1. Daeghun tasks you with reaching his half-brother, Duncan, in Neverwinter and also finding a mage who can uncover the secrets about the silver shards. First though, he gives you an opportunity to speak with the other people about town.

    Once you’ve done enough talking, speak to Daeghun again and you’ll explain that your route to Neverwinter involves reaching the town of Highcliff and then boarding ship the rest of the way.

  2. Talk to Bevil about aid, and he’ll give you a Healer’s Kit +1 and a bag that contains the equipment he was carrying. If your Diplomacy is good enough, you can also talk him into giving you 100 gp.

  3. Tarmas is here, and he runs the same shop with the same items. With enough Diplomacy, you can talk him into giving you a Potion of Barkskin.

  4. Orlen is here. If you selected the Farmer Background for your character at the beginning of the game, you can talk him into giving you the Archer’s Belt. Otherwise you’ll have to settle for a Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds.

  5. Retta Starling. If you talk to her, she’ll make it known that she wants to find out what happened to her son, Lorne. This may have a resemblance to the Saving Private Ryan plot, but boy does this ever take a surprise twist.

  6. Brother Merring. If you have the Devoted Background, you can talk him into giving you the Ring of Crimson.

  7. Georg. You can talk him into giving you a Light Shield +1.

  8. Word Map Transition – allowing travel to the Weeping Willow Inn.
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