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Neverwinter Nights 2 Online Walkthrough by David Milward

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Act I:   West Harbor  |  Swamp Ruins  |  Weeping Willow Inn  |  Fort Locke  |  Toll Road  |  Graveyard  |  Bandit Camp  |  Maiden's Glade  |  Highcliff  |  Docks District  |  Skymirror  |  Merchant Quarter  |  Back Alley  |  Warehouse  |  Old Owl Well  |  Ironfist Hold  |  Bonegnasher Clan  |  Eyegouger Clan  |  Neverwinter Continued  |  Githyanki

Githyanki: Shandra Jerro's Farm  |  Ember  |  Githyanki Base Approach  |  Githyanki Base 1  |  Githyanki Base 2

Return to Shandra Jerro's Farm

Shandra Jerro's Farm map

1.World Map Transition.
2. Here you’ll find that the Githyanki are definitely in pursuit of Shandra, and you’ll have to fight them.
Shandra In Trouble
3. Here is Shandra’s House, which she has entered. Follow in through the door. Follow her in. Fight more Githyanki inside. You’ll next find her in the northwest corner of the house. The Githyanki have set the house on fire, forcing everybody outside again. A couple more waves of Githyanki to fight.

Reluctant BishopWhat things now boil down to is trying to find safety for Shandra in the Sunken Flagon. Unfortunately, the Githyanki kidnap her anyway. You now have to fight off the Githyanki that have invaded the Flagon. When all is done, matters turn into a rescue mission. The only one who can put you on their trail is Bishop, a Ranger who is convinced to join up with you as a new companion only when Duncan calls in a favor. To Ember we go.
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