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Neverwinter Nights 2 Online Walkthrough by David Milward

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Act I:   West Harbor  |  Swamp Ruins  |  Weeping Willow Inn  |  Fort Locke  |  Toll Road  |  Graveyard  |  Bandit Camp  |  Maiden's Glade  |  Highcliff  |  Docks District  |  Skymirror  |  Merchant Quarter  |  Back Alley  |  Warehouse  |  Old Owl Well  |  Ironfist Hold  |  Bonegnasher Clan  |  Eyegouger Clan  |  Neverwinter Continued  |  Githyanki

Docks District: Docks District  |  Sunken Flagon

Docks District

Upon setting sail, you’re treated to a couple of cinemas that clue you in to what’s at work. Wherever a Silver Shard is concerned, especially one that’s a piece of an extra-dimensional Silver Sword, guess who can’t be far behind? That’s right, the sinister Githyanki are players in the drama.


Another equally dangerous player has (re)entered the picture as well, and another victim falls to his machinations.

Ammon Jerro

Docks District map

  1. Here is where the party disembarks.

  2. Here you’ll find Werth the Armorer. He sells:

    Armor of Comfort
    Banded Mail +1
    Benzo’s Luck
    Breastplate +1
    Chain Shirt +1
    Chainmail +1
    Flaming Gloves +2
    Half Plate +1
    Heavy Shield +1
    Hide Armor +1
    Leather Armor +1
    Light Shield +1
    Light Shield +3
    Mask of Persuasion
    Padded Armor +1
    Paladin Helmet
    Stag Helmet
    Spike Helmet
    Studded Leather Armor +1
    Thayvian Circlet
    The Great Oak
    Tower Shield +1
    Winged Helmet

  3. Here you’ll find Repko the Weaponsmith. He sells:

    Arc Asunder
    Arrows +1
    Bastard Sword +1
    Battle Axe +1
    Bolts +1
    Bullets +1
    Club +1
    Dagger +1
    Darts +1
    Dwarven Waraxe +1
    Elven Court Bow
    Falchion +1
    Fist of the Legion
    Flail +1
    Foundation +1
    Greataxe +1
    Greatsword +1
    Halberd +1
    Handaxe +1
    Heavy Crossbow +1
    Kama +1
    Katana +1
    Krotan’s Skullcrusher
    Kukri +1
    Lesser Right Hammer
    Light Crossbow +1
    Light Hammer +1
    Longbow +1
    Long Sword +1
    Mace +1
    Morningstar +1
    Quarterstaff +1
    Rapier +1
    Scimitar +1
    Scythe +1
    Short Sword +1
    Short Sword +2
    Shortbow +1
    Shurikens +1
    Sickle +1
    Sling +1
    Spear +1
    Throwing Axe +1
    The Sandstorm
    Thunderbeast Axes
    Warhammer +1
    Warmace +1

  4. BennonIf you still have Neeshka in your party, here you’ll run into a bunch of thugs led by Bennon, who try to shake her down.

  5. Here is where you’ll find a wounded wolf, who is actually a Druid in a desperate plight. Speak to him and he’ll give you a quest to contact the Druids of Neverwinter Wood. As such, the Skymirror is now available on your world map. Incidentally, you can also net 250 xp if you encourage Elanee to assist him.

  6. Here is the entrance to the Sunken Flagon. When you first arrive in Neverwinter, you’ll have to visit this place to progress the game. You’ll have a chat with your ‘Uncle Duncan’ and a rather stand-offish Elven Wizard named Sand. Besides some interesting background info, it becomes apparent that you need the services of a mage named Aldanon to learn more about the nature of the Silver Shards. But in order to do that, you must secure access to the Blacklake District, which has been locked down tight since the murders of Lords Dalren and Gentry. Incidentally, you’ll get the Silver Shard: Acid and Electrical Resistance.

    There are two ways of going about this. One is to join the City Watch at their Headquarters, in order to earn the privilege of entering the district. This path tends to lead to earning Good points, and depending how you choose, Lawful points as well.

    The other way is to join the Shadow thieves. This involves pulling enough dirty work for them so that they’ll help you sneak into the District. This path also tends to earn you Evil points.

    Be advised that this decision is crucial and sets the tone for the rest of your game, both in terms of who you work through to achieve goals and also the ending.

    Qara's FightAlso, shortly thereafter, and regardless of which path you’ll take, you’ll bump into a red haired sorceress thumping chests with two female mages just east of the Sunken Flagon. This leads to Qara becoming a joinable NPC. Leave the Flagon with Qara a first time, and you’ll get attacked by Paven and some academy students. Leave the Flagon with Qara a second time and you’ll attacked by Arnie and more academy students. Chances are you’ll lose a party member or two to the overwhelming numbers of spells thrown at you. Don’t be alarmed though because it’s not permanent. It’s simply a prelude to another mage, Jahric, showing up and promising future retribution against Qara.

  7. Here is Sand’s shop, which is available after visiting the Sunken Flagon. It also has an Alchemist’s Workbench. Sand can sell various items that you need for crafting items, like gems (not the gems needed for the most powerful items though), wood planks, ingots, molds, poison ingredients, and so on. He also sells:

    Boots of Tumbling
    Gloves of Spellcraft
    Gloves of the Artificer
    Robes of the Old Order
    Bone Wand
    Amulet of Natural Armor +2
    Necklace of Fireballs
    Ring of Protection +1
    Ring of Protection +2
    Ring of Scholars
    Rod of Frost
    Wand of Lesser Summoning
    Wand of Missiles
    Mortar and Pestle
    Smith Hammer

  8. Here is the City Watch Headquarters, where you sign up for the good path. You’ll be taking your orders from Marshall Cormick if you go this way.

  9. Here is where you’ll meet Caleb, who, if you go the evil route, will be your first contact for the Shadow Thieves.

  10. Here is where you’ll find Hagen’s Shop, the object of your first mission.

    *Good Path* Cormick sends you protect Hagen, and one way or another, you’ll end up having to take down the Thugs sent to collect from Hagen. Come back to Cormick for 100xp. He now wants you to deal with Caleb at #9. Killing him is inevitable. Return to Cormick for your next mission and another 100xp.

    *Evil Path* This is the reverse of Cormick’s mission. Caleb sends you to muscle Hagen. One way or another, Hagen will give you Hagen’s Payment. Bring it back to Caleb, and Hagen will arrive with members of the City Watch. You can either bribe the City Watch, or fight them. Caleb now tells you to get in touch with his superior, Moire, at #11.

  11. Here is Moire’s office if you decide to make contact with Caleb.

  12. The next mission involves making a complete sweep of the area, more specifically checking out Guard Posts and dealing with groups of thugs.

    *Good Path* This involves killing thugs you find along the way, and checking up on the Guards at their posts. Each of the Sergeants has varying degrees of honesty/corruption. You’ll often have a choice between stamping out the corruption (violently for one of the posts) or cutting yourself in on the action. What actions you choose is inconsequential in terms of plot but may affect your alignment. Once you’ve finished, return to the City Watch Headquarters. You’ll find that it has been set on fire. Lieutenant Roe has been killed, but you’ll be told to rendezvous with Marshall Cormick in the Headquarters in the Merchant Quarter.

  13. *Evil Path* This involves killing rival thugs and trying to bribe the Guards at each post to overlook Moire’s activities.

    Acceptance or refusal leading to violence are possibilities. Come back to Moire and you can insist on a gold payment of 500 gp for your troubles. Moire now wants you to set the City Watch Headquarters on fire, with the use of a Torch. This involves equipping the Torch and using it on a Wagon and two crates. If you can pull it off without having to fight the Guards, you’ll get 500xp for it. If you’re caught, it is apparently possible to use Bluff or Diplomacy to talk your way out of it. You now have a moral choice between tipping off Marshall Cormick and the others inside to what’s happening, or letting them burn to death. Either way, come back to Moire for 200xp. She now refers you to Axle Deivre in the Merchant Quarter. The other way is to join the Shadow thieves. This involves pulling enough dirty work for them so that they’ll help you sneak into the District. This path also tends to earn you Evil points.

  14. If you’ve joined the City Watch, here is where you’ll find a drunken loiterer named Trent Vidall. How you handle his apparent transgression of the law is purely a roleplaying decision, though it can have effects on your alignment and your influence with your comrades.

  15. Here is where you’ll find some Thugs trying to discreetly haul contraband in a wagon. You can force a confrontation if you like. Allowing the City Watch to seize the goods earns you Lawful points, while helping yourself earns you Chaotic points. The loot contains Bullets +1 and a Wand of Stinking Cloud.

  16. World Map Transitions.

  17. The entrance to the Back Alley, which can only be accessed once you’ve progressed far enough to receive a quest from either Breilana or Axle Deivre in the Merchant Quarter.

  18. Once the game has progressed far enough, you’ll find here a merchant named Rylene, who sells:

    Boots of Hardiness +1
    Boots of Reflexes +1
    Boots of Striding +1
    Boots of the Sun Soul +1
    Bracers of Armor +1
    Bracers of Armor +2
    Boots of Dexterity +1
    Cloak of Fortitude +1
    Cloak of Protection +1
    Cloak of Resistance +1
    Gloves of the Yellow Rose +1
    Lesser Gauntlets of Ogre Power
    Nymph Cloak +1
    Nymph Cloak +2
    Robe of Scintillating Colors
    Bolts of Fire
    Bolts of Frostbite
    Bolts of Lightning
    Fire Arrows
    Fire Bullets
    Ice Arrows
    Ice Bullets
    Lightning Arrows
    Lightning Bullets
    Quarterstaff +2
    Amulet of Health
    Amulet of Natural Armor +1
    Amulet of Vitality +2
    Amulet of Will +1
    Periapt of Wisdom +1
    Purple Dragon Ring
    Ring of Clear Thought +1
    Ring of Divine Power (1)
    Ring of Fortitude +1
    Ring of Protection +1
    Ring of Resistance +1
    Ring of Spell Battle
    Ring of Wizardry (1)
    Scarab of Protection +1
    Lens of Detection

  19. Here is where you’ll fight a certain battle, but not until you receive a quest for it.
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