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Neverwinter Nights 2 Online Walkthrough: Character Equipping Guide

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  1. Neverwinter Nights 2:
    Intro - Protagonist - Khelgar - Neeshka - Elanee - Qara - Grobnar - Casavir - Bishop - Shandra - Sand - Zhjaeve - Ammon

  2. Mask of the Betrayer:
    Protagonist - Ganneyev - Kaelyn - Okku

My online walkthrough tended to describe the game in objective terms, alluding to various pathways through quests and available items and such. This guide is intended as a more subjective supplement to the walkthrough where I describe briefly how I developed each character and how I equipped them. Again, it is not to say my way is the very best but intended merely to provide food for thought as you plan your own approaches for the game. Now for some general guidelines:

Keeping Everybody on the Up and Up

It is true that in NWN2 you’ll have a core group of party members that you tend to rely on more than others. The fact remains however that almost everybody is going to face the King of Shadows during the final confrontation. There may also be other situations where you switch over to somebody else briefly. As such, you may want to seriously consider keeping everybody as optimally equipped as you can along the way. You’re going to get a lot of gold along the way if you play things right, so why not? Even if you know somebody is going to turn on you and join with Black Garius, well, having them well equipped adds to the drama doesn’t it? For those of you playing a female PC, wouldn’t it be fun to watch a Bishop vs. Casavir showdown over you? ;)

Fighting Style

A crucial question for a given character is how he or she is going to strike the right balance between attack and defense. If you go with a one-handed weapon and a shield, you are basically sacrificing some attack power (but perhaps not much depending on the weapon) and investing in as high an Armor Class as possible to minimize the number of times your character gets hit. If you go with dual-wielding and two-handed weapons, you are going with the principle, ‘The best defense is a good offense.’ You risk getting hit more times, but are banking on mowing your enemies down quickly enough so that the risk becomes negligible. If you are going to go this route, make sure you pack weapons with enough power to justify it.

Sources of Armor Class

There are at least four different sources of armor class that you can draw upon with the items you get from the game: Armor, Shield, Deflection Bonus, and Natural Bonus. It well behooves your characters to equip an item that at least provides an Armor bonus and a Deflection bonus. If you regularly have a Druid or a Ranger in your party, you can perhaps obviate the need for a Natural bonus since they can cast Barkskins at the end of the day.

Ability Score Bonuses

Some items provide a bonus to an ability score. Keep in mind that they do not stack, so don’t equip more than one if it needlessly takes up an inventory slot that is better spent on something else. Casavir, Grobnar, Ammon Jerro, and Qara will want an item that provides a Charisma bonus. Elanee and Zhjaeve will want an item that provides a Wisdom bonus. And so on.

Custom Items

Sometimes the available equipment just might not do it for you, leaving you with gaps that you’d think were better filled with something else. If that’s the case, its well worth your while to look into custom crafting items. As such, you’ll need at least one character with the Craft Wondrous Items and Craft Arms and Armor feats and the right spells.

Precious Gems and Distillable Items

To pull off custom made items and enchantments though, you’ll need both the right gems and elemental essences. To extract elemental essences, have at least one character who can make a Craft Alchemy skill check of 15 and carries a Mortar and Pestle. That leaves the question of gems. The very best gems are Beljurils, Blue Diamonds, and King’s Tears. Second grade gems include Star Sapphires, Jacinths, Canary Diamonds, and Rogue Stones. There are shops that will carry one each of the best gems at certain points of the game. There are however a number of chests throughout Acts II and III whereby the best gems can be obtained as random loot. These can be found in the Collector’s Mansion, Crossroad Keep while it is still controlled by Black Garius, the Ruins of Arvahn, Ammon Jerro’s Haven, Castle Neverneath, and Tholapsyx’s Fiery Cavern. If you save beforehand, you can reload as needed until you cherry pick the gem you want from a given chest.

Keen Weapon or Improved Critical

If you anticipate a character settling on a certain weapon during the game, it may be worth considering obtaining the Improved Critical feat for that weapon instead of enchanting it with the Keen quality. That way, you can augment the weapon’s power even further with an enchantment other than Keen.

Energy Drain

The King of Shadows emits an aura that drains levels from an unprotected character. There is the spell Undeath’s Eternal Foe, but it will wear off over time and your final battle will be a long one. An idea worth exploring is having every character equip an item that protects against ability and level drain. In the Official Campaign, this is quite tenable.

Now each character will be reviewed, beginning with my PC, then in order of appearance during the Official Campaign. Afterwards, there will be a section for the Mask of the Betrayer Expansion. Also:

* - connotes a custom made item built from scratch.
+ - connotes an existing item that was enhanced through additional enchantment and perhaps renamed.

* * *

The Protagonist: Sun Elf Rogue 3 / Wizard 5 / Arcane Trickster 8 / Eldritch Knight 4 []

Character development: This character build provides the complete package. Able Learner feat at first level and a high intelligence means that the character can develop thieving skills, spellcasting skills, and conversational skills. Weapon Finesse at 3rd level, Martial Weapon Proficiency feat at 6th level, and Shield proficiency feat at 12th level means that the character will be proficient at melee combat as well as arcane spellcasting. Indeed, the combat prowess will be enhanced considerably by calling upon spells like Mirror Image, Stoneskin, Elemental Shield, and Greater Invisibility.

Weapon: Spike of Morwel’s Lightning *
+5 Alchemical Silver Rapier, +2d6 damage vs. evil, +1d6 electrical damage
It makes sense for this character to use a weapon that takes advantage of a high dexterity bonus through the Weapon Finesse feat, and has a good Critical Hit range. Additional energy damage, especially against evil foes, is sugar on top.

High Forest Buckler *
+5 Zalantar Light Shield
At some periods of the game, the character will wear armor that incurs a 10% Arcane Spell Failure chance. Besides providing a hefty bonus to Armor Class, this also lowers that rate to 5%.

Headband of Intellect +8 *
Provides a welcome +8 bonus to Intelligence, which improves both this character’s spellcasting and his skill checks.

Amulet of Health
During the early phases of the game this character wore the Amulet of the Master to improve skill checks. Once the game veers towards confronting the King of Shadows and his undead minions, I switched over to this amulet. Note that I prefer this over a Greater Amulet of Health since I want to add a fourth enchantment to it during Mask of the Betrayer.

Neverwinter Knight’s Cloak
The item that provides the +3 Deflection Bonus to Armor Class, and provides some other nifty benefits as well.

Eldritch Knight Chain Shirt
Largely for aesthetic effect during the cinematics I’ll admit since during the OC I rely on something else for Armor Class. It won’t be until the Mask of the Betrayer that I’ll find a truly worthwhile set of body armor for this character.

Bracers of Armor +8
The main source of protection for my character, at least until Mask of the Betrayer.

Ring of Improved Evasion
Sure, the character will have Evasion already. But why not provide additional protection from elemental damage through this ring?

Ring of Power
Provides a pile of elemental resistances which will work well in tandem with the Ring of Improved Evasion. A +1 regeneration rate is sugar on top.

Belt of Agility +8 *
The Dexterity bonus augments combat prowess, the Improved Evasion ability, and skill checks. Freedom of Movement is nice as well.

Boots of Striding +8 *
Hard to argue with an item that confers bonus hit points and a bonus to Fortitude saving throws.

Khelgar Ironfist []

Character development: I definitely recommend that you keep Khelgar as a fighter instead of pursuing the Monk quest. Khelgar is uniquely placed to take advantage of some the very best equipment that is available during the OC, including a very powerful Warhammer. Definitely look into taking feats that involve the use of said Warhammer. Hammer, shield, full plate armor, and lots of hit points means that Khelgar will dish it out and won’t go down easily.

Hammer of Ironfist
A +5 weapon with the power to stun foes and inflict electrical damage, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Forgotten Shield
A +4 Tower Shield would do right by any Fighter. It also provides Khelgar with resistance against slashing damage and a bonus to his Will saves, saving throws being a traditional sore spot for Fighters.

Watchful Mind of Pim
I figure he’s gotta have something so why not the Fighter-specific helmet. The Invisibility Purge power might be useful occasionally.

Greater Amulet of Health
Having an amulet that protects against disease, poison, and draining and +1 regeneration is perfectly sensible for a front line tank like Khelgar.

Cloak of Fortification +3
This speaks for itself, providing a +3 bonus to both Deflection and saving throws.

Greater Storm Armor of the Earth’s Children
What can get better in the OC than a +7 Full Plate that provides elemental bonuses to boot?

Gauntlets of Ironfist
Provides a +4 bonus to Strength as well as other benefits.

Ring of Elemental Resistance
Providing bonuses to elemental resistances across the board.

Ring of Regeneration
My development of Khelgar is premised on the idea of minimizing the amount of times he ever gets struck. The idea is taken further by allowing Khelgar to passively recoup hit points as and when he does lose them.

Belt of Ironfist
Provides a Constitution bonus and other benefits. Both this and the Gauntlets of Ironfist are needed to wield the Hammer of Ironfist.

Sturdy Feet of Pim
Since Khelgar uses the Belt of Ironfist, he doesn’t need Boots of Striding. He therefore goes with these boots that confer an extra 15 hit points and provide immunity to Knockdown.

Neeshka []

Character development: During the early phases of the game I gain and lose a few with Neeshka in terms of influence. Neeshka is not a core party member due to my own PC build. Even so, I take Neeshka along for the ride through Ammon Jerro’s Haven. The fights there are not particularly intense. I also find that it allows me to up my Influence enough with Neeshka to side with me against Black Garius when the time comes. As such, it is worth my while to see to it that she’s well equipped. Neeshka in my honest opinion is best developed as a dual-wielding character due to her high Dexterity, and the fact that it optimizes her chances of dropping a foe outright with sneak attacks. I therefore pick up all the feats for that.

Needle of Infernal Flame +
I bought the Stirge rapier and raised its enhancement bonus to +4. I also enchanted it to add +1d6 fire damage. The Vampiric Regeneration of the weapon will also help compensate for the lack of a shield.

The Fencer’s Blade
I maintain that dual-wielding is good when the off-hand weapon provides benefits besides extra attacks. In this case, a +3 Deflection Bonus to Armor Class and +1 regeneration.

Moonstone Mask
It seems fitting that this mask looted from Moire goes to Neeshka, and augments some of her skills.

Leldon’s Lucky Coin
In terms of story, Neeshka does seem meant to wear this. That it augments her Evasion ability doesn’t hurt either.

Cloak of Black Flame
Once I adjust Ammon Jerro’s inventory, I hand this cloak over to Neeshka so that she’ll be protected against level draining during the climax.

Shroud of the Nimble Tiefling *
+4 Mithral Chain Shirt.
This is the way to go for Neeshka since a Mithral Chain Shirt affords more protection than Leather Armor but with the same Maximum Dexterity Bonus.

Gauntlets of Ogre Power
Neeshka does rely on sneak attack damage to be effective. But since these come along, I may as well have her wear them to add a little more damage and increase her carrying capacity.

Ring of Elemental Resistance
I have Neeshka pick Improved Evasion along the way. Should the Reflex saving throw fail, this operates in conjunction with Improved Evasion to minimize the damage.

Ring of Fortitude +4
Fortitude saving throws are a weak point for Neeshka so I buy this from the Drow merchant when I get the chance.

Belt of Agility +8 *
Both to augment her use of Weapon Finesse and to improve her skill checks.

Boots of Striding +4 *
Increases her hit points and her Fortitude saves.

Elanee []

Character development: When I play as a good character, Elanee is a core character and also the PC’s lover (if my PC build is male that is). As a Druid, Elanee provides a useful mix of healing and offensive spells that makes her very versatile. If you play her right, she can also be a force in melee combat, even without shapechanging. Spells like Barkskin and Stoneskin will make her more durable during combat. It will get even better at high levels with spells like Regeneration, Premonition, and Storm Avatar.

Holy Crescent Blade of Selune *
+4 Alchemical Scimitar, +2d6 damage vs. evil, +1d6 cold damage
I have Elanee choose the Improved Critical: Scimitar feat at 12th level. With this scimitar, Elanee frequently scores critical heats that inflict a lot of damage, making her a veritable force in close quarter combat.

Silvanus’ Shield Against Talos *
+5 Heavy Shield, +30 cold resistance, +30 electrical resistance
Provides a welcome bonus to Armor Class. In conjunction with the two rings that Elanee wears, it also makes her almost impervious to many forms of elemental damage.

Scattertrail Helmet
Because it’s the Druid-specific helmet. :p

Periapt of Wisdom +8 *
It’s all about increasing her number of spells and increasing the Difficulty Class of those spells.

Cloak of the High Forest
A Druid-specific cloak that provides a +2 Deflection Bonus to Armor Class and a +1 bonus to saving throws.

Lesser Golem Armor
A fine breastplate armor that Elanee can use. It also provides her with a +4 bonus to Strength and protection from draining.

Elder Oak Gloves
Druid-specific gloves that provide bonus spells.

Ring of Major Fire Resistance
See above.

Ring of Major Acid Resistance
See above.

Ceremonial Uthgardt Belt
Since Elanee gets her Strength and Deflection bonuses from other items, it leaves her free to don this belt that increases her Fortitude saves and provides other benefits as well.

Boots of Striding +8 *
Increase hit points and Fortitude saves.

Qara []

Character development: Qara is easily the best damage caster in the game. I tend to bring her along as a second arcane caster for areas that have multitudes of foes (e.g. Tomb of Betrayers, siege of Crossroad Keep) while leaving her behind for areas that tend to involve fewer or more isolated foes (e.g. Ammon Jerro’s Haven, Mount Galardrym). It's all about augmenting her spellcasting abilities. I indulge her ego in order to keep her when the climax arrives.

Staff of the Magi
The best arcane staff in the game, with an array of helpful powers.

Shukenja Helm
A Sorcerer specific helm that provides bonus spells and a bonus to Concentration checks.

Amulet of Health
A helpful amulet that also protects against draining during the last parts of the OC.

Gray Robe of the Archmagi
The best mage robe available to Qara in the OC.

Bracers of Dexterity +4
I bought these from Nya to provide Qara with a small bonus to Armor Class.

The Nomad’s Ring
A Sorcerer-specific ring that provides bonus spells.

Ring of Power
Since Qara hangs in the back, it makes sense for her to wear a ring that provides elemental boots, and a small regeneration rate to boot.

Greater Archer’s Belt
Since Qara is wearing Bracers of Dexterity, it makes sense for her to wear this belt should she ever be attacked by archers.

Boots of Striding +4 *
Increase hit points and Fortitude saves.

Grobnar []

Character development:I tended to use this guy only in a few select spots, the duel with Cain Lethellon, and the Strange Clearing. Of course, he will be along for the climax, and it is a good idea to score as much influence with him as much as you can to avoid having the Construct turn on you. So I do equip him decently, but he doesn’t get first dibs on what’s available. He does provide a decent singer/archer/miscellaneous spellcaster although he always seems to pale beside others.

White Dragon Bow
I never have Grobnar in the thick of it for obvious reasons. If he is going to attack, I’d prefer he do it at a distance with this bow that supplies unlimited ammunition that packs cold damage.

Finch’s Fine Chapeau
More or less by default, and seems appropriate for a Bard in any event.

Ysridain’s Soul
A Bard-specific amulet that provides extra hit points and bonuses to skill checks.

Nymph’s Cloak +6 *
Enhances his Bard abilities considerably.

More of less for aesthetic effect since I have him hanging in the back anyway. Oh well.

Ysridain’s Touch
Bard-specific gloves that provide a +3 Deflection bonus to Armor Class.

Purple Dragon Ring
A lot of other characters have items that protect against poison and this serves the purpose for Grobnar.

Lesser Ring of Power
Other more used characters get first dibs on the finest equipment, but in the final tally this is certainly beneficial to Grobnar.

Belt of Agility +6 *
To increase his Reflex saving throws and his ability to hit with his bow.

Boots of Striding +4 *
Increases hit points and Fortitude saves.

Casavir []

Character development: Although I often use Khelgar, Casavir is a core mainstay character. Sure, Khelgar may do more raw damage. But Casavir isn’t far behind, and has Lay on Hands, better saving throws, Smite Evil, and other nifty powers that Khelgar doesn’t. I emphasize the use of a Warhammer and Shield for Casavir, to maximize both his attack power and his Armor Class.

Fist of Tyr +
Casavir already has Weapon Focus: Warhammer when you find him. As such, I followed up on Ironhawk Skylord’s excellent suggestion and bought the rift hammer. I then enchanted it to score +2d6 damage against evil foes in addition to its sonic damage. I also had Casavir take the Improved Critical: Warhammer feat at 12th level.

Hastsezini’s Shield +
I found it worth it for Casavir to take the Tower Shield Proficiency feat at 15th level so that he could get a huge boost to his Armor Class through this shield. I also enchanted it to add +30 cold resistance and +30 electrical resistance. In conjunction with the Red Dragon Armor and his high saving throws, this allows Casavir to shrug off the 3 most common forms of elemental attack.

Helm of Gram the Mouse
A Paladin-specific helmet that provides a little bit of damage reduction.

Scarab of Greater Protection
An amulet that protects against draining during the later stages, and 20 Spell Resistance.

Nymph’s Cloak +8 *
This cloak will boost his saving throws, his Lay on Hands, and his Smite evil power.

Red Dragon Armor
A +5 full plate that also provides +30 fire resistance. Not bad.

Gloves of Swordplay
I don’t have Casavir use Parry very often, but these gloves are still better than nothing I suppose.

Ring of Protection +3
Casavir plays the same strategy as Khelgar, minimizing the number of times he’ll ever take a hit in combat.

Ring of Regeneration
Same as with Khelgar.

Belt of Cloud Giant Strength *
Boosting Casavir’s Strength as high as you can take it is a no-brainer.

Boots of Striding +6 *
Increases hit points and Fortitude saves.

Bishop []

Character development: I did use Bishop occasionally, but not very often (e.g. Circle of the Mere, Koraboros). Bishop is going along the archer path of the Ranger, so it well behooves you to play him accordingly. Find a strength enhancing belt and a Bow with a decent Mighty value for him. This way, you can switch back and forth between the bow or a two-handed weapon as needed.

Death’s Handmaiden
Bishop used greatswords like the Gemsword earlier on. Near the end he picks up this wicked scythe. Can anybody foresee a showdown with Casavir?

Bishop’s bow of choice, as it is +3 and also has a Might value of +4.

Watchman’s Helm
It seems natural for Bishop to pack this helm that augments some of his skill checks.

Old Man Morris’ Necklace
This necklace can be obtained when you have Kana deal with a special assignment in Crossroad Keep. It confers a +3 natural bonus to Armor Class and also augments stealth skills, making it natural for Bishop.

Cape of Winter
Bishop wears this cloak to increase his saving throws and also for a bit of cold resistance to complement the fire resistance provided by his armor.

Black Flame Armor
The best Studded Leather in the game, and also provides +30 fire resistance.

Favor of Ilum Lura
Ranger-specific gloves that provide a +4 bonus to Dexterity.

Heart of Ilum Lura
A Ranger-specific ring that provides a +2 bonus to saving throws.

Ring of Protection +2
The source of Deflection bonus for Bishop.

Belt of Frost Giant Strength
I won’t go out of way to up Bishop’s Strength as I would for say Casavir, but I don’t mind fitting him with this which can be bought in the Blacklake district.

Boots of Striding +4 *
Increase hit points and Fortitude saves.

Shandra Jerro []

Character development: I won’t lay out a plan for Shandra Jerro. I think it is difficult to justify investing a lot into her in the way of custom made or purchased items. But by all means, equip her with what you can find along the way.

Sand []

Character development: I only use Sand when I stand accused of the destruction of Ember, and as an occasional item enchanter. Seeing as he’s going to turn on me at the end, he’ll end up getting the short of the stick. But I won’t neglect him altogether so that he can put up a fight on Garius’ behalf.

Staff of Power
Conveniently found just before I confront Garius. Sand gets it just in time to use it against me. Go figure.

Anagrys’ Mindmaze
A Wizard-specific hat that adds +2 to Intelligence and confers immunity to mind-affecting spells.

Anagrys’ Slave-Collar
A Wizard-specific helmet that provides bonus spells.

Cloak of Fortification +2
The source of his Deflection bonus, and also increases saving throws by 2.

Greater Battle Robe
Qara gets first dibs on the Gray Robe of the Archmagi, but Sand still scores a decent robe with this one.

Bracers of Armor +4
Found along the way, and an ok source of protection for Sand.

The Wanderer’s Ring
A Wizard-specific ring that provides bonus spells.

Anagrys’ Shackle-Breaker
A Wizard-specific ring that confers a Greater Dispel power.

Belt of Agility +4
Provides a bonus to Armor Class, Reflex saving throws, and Freedom of Movement.

Boots of Striding +2
Increases hit points and Fortitude saving throws.

Zhjaeve []

Character development: The best healer in the game. I tended to use her when I anticipated needing a second healer to help Elanee. (e.g. the Dragons) Even if she doesn’t approach Khelgar or Casavir in combat prowess, it well behooves you to maximize her Armor Class because she often has to brave attacks of opportunity and the like to reach wounded comrades. Some of her offensive spells also depend on getting close.

Divine Fury
I found it worth getting Zhjaeve the Exotic Weapon Proficiency feat at 15th level so that she could pack this Katana. Zhjaeve doesn’t have the same potential to deal out raw damage that other characters do, so it makes sense for her to use a weapon that can stun her foes. Having her use this particular katana also makes sense given her Clerical background and her Githzerai heritage.

Shield of Prator
A +5 heavy shield that adds +4 to Wisdom and several elemental resistances. This is perfect for Zhjaeve.

Helm of Darkness
Other characters tend to get helms more catered to their particular roles. This powerful helm ends up falling to Zhjaeve more or less by default.

Greater Amulet of Health
An amulet that protects again disease, poison, draining, and also adds +1 regeneration.

Drow Piwafwi Cloak
A cloak that provides poison resistance and damage reduction. Not bad.

Zerthimon’s Boon *
+5 Mithral Full Plate. This allows Zhjaeve to wear a full plate armor that allows her to take advantage of her higher dexterity. It is also lighter thereby alleviating any concerns about her carrying capacity.

Greater Gloves of Concentration
Zhjaeve often has to pull off spells in the thick of it, so it makes sense to maximize her chances of pulling of Concentration checks.

Ring of Elemental Resistance
Provides Zhjaeve with several elemental resistance to complement her use of the Shield of Prator.

Ring of Nine Lives
More of a thematic ring than anything else, but it can be useful towards the end game.

Kossuth’s Belt of Priestly Might and Warding
Provides both a welcome +4 bonus to Strength and a +2 Deflection bonus to Armor Class.

Boots of Striding +6 *
Increase hit points and Fortitude saves.

Ammon Jerro []

Character development: Ammon Jerro’s job is fairly simple. Keep himself protected with things like Dark Foresight and Retributive Invisiblity, then pelt away not stop with things like Eldritch Chain and Vitriolic Blast. Charisma enhancement is a must. Ammon can be credible in close quarter combat as well when it's unavoidable, so don’t neglect this either.

Balafour’s Gnashing Rod
Found at Shandra’s farm near the end of the game, this weapon adds quite a few powers to Ammon’s arsenal.

Mask of the Skull
I find this adds to Ammon’s versatility, allowing him to attempt instant death on a particular foe once a day.

Shandra’s Pendant
When you’re playing as a good guy, I think story-wise Ammon is meant to wear this powerful amulet.

Nymph Cloak +8 *
Increases the Difficulty Class of his Warlock Invocations. If you anticipate Ammon using magic wands as well, this will augment his Use Magic Item skill checks.

Chitin of the Dark Warlock *
+5 Umber Hulk Breastplate. Ammon Jerro comes to you practically naked. This custom made armor does nicely, and provides immunity to mind-affecting spells to boot.

Gloves of Concentration

Bone Ring
Protects Ammon against draining during the last stages of the game.

Finger of the Lame Kobold
A Warlock-specific ring that provides +3 regeneration.

Shar’s Belt of Priestly Might and Warding
Confers a +4 bonus to Strength and a +2 Deflection bonus to Armor Class.

Boots of Striding +4 *
Increases hit points and Fortitude saves.

* * *

Mask of the Betrayer

A truth of the expansion is that you tend to travel with the same three companions over the course of the campaign with an odd man out. In my case, it’s Safiya because my Elven character already provides arcane spellcasting and thieving skills.

The Protagonist: Sun Elf Rogue 5 / Wizard 5 / Arcane Trickster 10 / Eldritch Knight 10 []

Character development: The reason I stopped short at 8 levels of Arcane Trickster during the OC was because I wanted to get the Combat Insight feat as early as possible, which requires a minimum BAB. Once I round out with 10 Eldritch Knight levels, I then pick up two more Arcane Trickster levels and then two more Rogue levels to get an extra +1d6 on sneak attacks and round out my skill development.

Wrath of the Seldarine *
+8 Alchemical Silver Rapier, +6d6 cold damage (from a Shadow of the Void Essence), +6d6 fire damage (from the Shape of Fire Essence), +4d6 electrical damage
Yes, this is cheesy. But since I can do it, why not? My PC routinely cranks out 100+ points of damage on each hit.

The Argent Shield *
+8 Mithral Heavy Shield, +5 regeneration
At some point my PC finds the Book of the Waves in the Thay Academy, which completely wipes out any chance of Arcane Spell Failure stemming from my body armor. Once I have the book, I make a transition to this shield (0% chance of failure instead of -5% chance of failure). Regeneration is always nice too.

Spellsword Circlet +
I bought the Thayvian Circlet and then enchanted it to add +9 Intelligence. As my particular feat selection goes (e.g. Epic Prowess, Combat Insight, Hellball, and the rest Great Intelligence) I wound up with an Intelligence of 36.

Labelas Enoreth’s Amulet of Longevity +
I enhanced my Amulet of Health so that it also provided a +6 bonus to Wisdom, which increases Will saving throws and helps with some dialogues.

Grace of Hanali Celanil +
Early in the expansion I dispensed with the Neverwinter Knight’s Cloak. I then bought the Cloak of Fortitude +5, which provides a +5 Deflection bonus to Armor Class and a +5 bonus to saving throws. I also enchanted it to add a +6 bonus to Charisma, which will help my conversational skills.

Silver Coat of the Golden Bladesinger +
I found the Imaskari Battlemage Armor early in the Barrow. When the right moments come, I raised its enchantment to +8, and added 28 Spell Resistance and +5 regeneration.

Simbulmyn Bracers
When I find the Imaskari Battlemage Armor and enhanced it, I don’t mind dispensing with the Bracers of Armor +8 and putting on these bracers which provide welcome bonus feats.

Ring of Power
I didn’t see the need to change rings.

Ring of Improved Evasion
Same thing.

Belt of Corellon Larethain’s Prowess +
I enchanted my Belt of Agility +8 to also provide a +6 bonus to Strength. Not so much to increase damage since my character relies on the Combat Insight feat but to increase carrying capacity.

Boots of Striding +8 *
No need to change anything here.

Ganneyev of Dreams []

Character development: Ganneyev’s spellcasting power is unquestionable. It becomes a matter of what to do with him when he wasn’t casting spells. Some people think of him as physically weak, unable to wear heavier armors, and therefore best used as an archer. This is viable. I find however that he’s better used as a credible warrior in his own right if you know what you’re doing.

Blade of Devouring Darkness +
It is the fact that Gann has the Exotic Weapon Proficiency feat that opens up interesting possibilities. I bought the Naught Katana in Nightshore and enchanted it to add +4d6 acid damage in addition to its negative energy damage. In conjunction with a shield, a heavily enchanted studded leather, and spells like Premonition and Storm Avatar, Gann packed quite a punch in close quarters.

A +8 Light Shield that also confers immunity to spells of 3rd level or lower. Not bad.

Snow Tiger Helmet
This helmet provides Gann with his Constitution bonus and also confers immunity to fear.

Amulet of Protected Dalliances
An amulet that renders Gann immune to mind-affecting spells as well as a couple of other benefits.

Forest Queen’s Blessing
Keep in mind that for a Spirit Shaman, Wisdom determines the level of spell that can be cast but it is Charisma that determines the DC of those spells. This cloak provides a welcome +4 bonus to Charisma, as well as some nice bonuses to saving throws.

Shroud of the Telthor Spirits *
+7 Studded Leather Armor, +5 regeneration
Gann’s Dexterity bonus will come to +5 which means that Studded Leather is the optimum armor for Gann. Adding regeneration is nice as well.

These gloves were made for Gann, which provide a +6 bonus to Wisdom, bonus spells, and regeneration.

Ring of Power
He already has this and keeps it since it provides elemental resistances and +1 regeneration.

Ring of Protection +4
The source of Gann’s Deflection bonus.

Belt of Storm Giant Strength
To enhance Gann’s use of his katana and increase his carrying capacity.

Forest Walkers
Gann wears these to get a +6 bonus to Dexterity.

Kaelyn the Dove []

Character development: Kaelyn is a stereotypical Cleric in that she can always pick the party back up from just about anything. Her stats are also quite good and well rounded. She can, just like Gann, become a credible warrior if you know what you’re doing. This is all the more so since she also provides some nifty Paladin-esque abilities.

Ilmater’s Retribution +
I took the Reaper’s Despair sickle and reoriented it to become a weapon of holy retribution. I basically used a Shadow of the Void Essence to add +6d6 damage. Since this is found early on in the Death God’s Vault, Kaelyn is set almost from the word go.

The Dove’s Silver Platter +
Here I raised the enhancement bonus of the Dented Platter to +7. A nice shield for Kaelyn since it also confers 25% resistance to slashing damage.

Chromatic Crown
A nice helm found near the end that provides several elemental resistances.

Amulet of Divine Radiance +
I enchanted her Amulet to also provide a welcome +6 bonus to Wisdom.

Durthan Cloak
A cloak that also provides a lot of elemental resistances.

Truesilver of Mount Celestia *
+7 Mithral Fullplate, +5 regeneration
This custom made fullplate allows Kaelyn to take advantage of her higher Dexterity score. The regeneration is nice as well.

Imaskari Bracers of Immortality
Kaelyn’s source of a Constitution bonus and also provides +2 regeneration.

Bone Dancer’s Ring
Since Kaelyn doesn’t have access to spells like Stoneskin and Premonition, this ring is certainly welcome, which also protects against draining.

A thematic ring that also provides a very welcome +6 bonus to saving throws.

Faraneyth’s Redemption +
This belt is impressive in its own right with +8 regeneration, +4 Deflection bonus to Armor Class, and a bonus to Will saves. It gets even better when I enchant it to also provide +6 to Strength to enhance Kaelyn’s power in close combat.

Boots of Reflexes +6
Self-Explanatory, and can be bought in the Nightshore.

Okku []

Character development: Okku can only wear amulets and rings. Make sure to pick ones pertinent to his tank role.

Spirit Bear Charm +
I bluffed the mindflayer in Nightshore into giving me The Likely Amulet. Providing a Natural Armor bonus of +5, a +6 Constitution bonus, and a +6 Wisdom bonus, it is perfect for Okku. I then enchanted it to provide a +6 bonus to saving throws, which is a sore point for Okku.

Ring of Protection +4
Okku’s source of a Deflection bonus.

Ring of Regeneration
Okku already has natural regeneration, but why not enhance it even further?

* Update for planning an evil campaign will be provided as soon as possible *
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