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Neverwinter Nights 2 Online Walkthrough by David Milward

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Act II:   Neverwinter  |  Return to Ember  |  Neverwinter Continued  |  Crossroad Keep  |  Ruins of Arvahn  |  Ammon Jerro's Haven

Neverwinter:   Docks District  |  Merchant Quarter  |  Blacklake District  |  Temple of Lathander  |  Collectors Mansion Level 1  |  Collectors Mansion Level 2  |  Bryce Crypt

Docks District, Act II

Docks District Act II Map

  1. The same good ol’ Sunken Flagon.

  2. Here you’ll find Werth the Armorer, plying the same wares as before.

  3. Here you’ll find Repko the Weaponsmith, selling the same stuff as before.

  4. Sand’s shop, except now that Sand can accompany you, the shop is now run by a Merchant Elemental. Same stuff as before, but with these additions:

    Elder Oak Gloves
    Mask of Death
    Staff of Ascension

  5. Here you’ll find a merchant named Fibba who sells:

    Aslyferund Elven Chain
    Banded Mail +1
    Chain Shirt +1
    Chainmail +1
    Great Wyrm Gauntlets
    Half Plate +1
    Heavy Shield +1
    Helm of Brilliance
    Laeral’s Storm Armor
    Paladin Helmet
    Scales of Truth +1
    Shield of the Sun
    Tower Shield +1
    White Bone Armor
    Arrows of Petrification
    Axe of Dead Illusk
    Bolts of Piercing
    Bullets of Smiting
    Divine Fury
    Harbinger Kin +3
    Mordan’s Withering Blade
    Offhand Axe
    Peasant Dynasty
    Planar Mace
    Rapier of the High Road
    Silvermane’s Axe
    Sleepwalker Kin
    Sling of Force
    Storm +2
    Tansheron’s Bow
    Tethir-Wood Cudgel
    Water’s Edge
    Wicked Union

    If you have the Blessed of Waukeen epithet, which comes with having the pre-sell edition, you also be able to select a dialogue option that allows you to buy:

    A Mad Gent’s Cloak
    Anagry’s Mindmaze
    Baldoherie’s Softer Skin
    Graena’s Fortune
    Grainstone Boots
    Mantle of Gram the Mouse
    Scattertrail Helmet
    The Breast of Ilum Lura
    The Watchful Mind of Pim
    Caput Mortum
    Clangeddein’s Beard
    Golden Sickle +2
    Grimstone Blade
    Gruumsh’s Other Eye
    Har ‘Ra ‘Kor
    Horseman’s Bow
    Huntsman’s Spear
    Ice Axe
    Iron Helm, Iron Boot
    Kossuth’s Hand
    Might Makes Right
    Monk’s Friend
    Old Bones
    Peasant Blade
    Sun from the West
    Swift Flier
    Sword of Wrathraven
    Talon Blade
    The Good Day
    Waves Along the Shore
    Finger of the Lame Kobold
    Heirloom of Asenath
    Ysridain’s Muse

  6. World Map Transition.
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