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Neverwinter Nights 2 Online Walkthrough by David Milward

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Return to Ember:   Port Llast  |  Ember  |  Caverns Beneath Ember  |  Duskwood Grove  |  Werewolf Cave  |  The Trial

Port Llast

Port Llast Map

  1. Here you’ll find two merchants.

    Yask, who sells:

    Armor of Loyalty
    Banded Mail +3
    Breastplate +2
    Callurdan Smoothand’s Armor
    Chain Shirt +2
    Chainmail +2
    Full Plate +1
    Full Plate +2
    Gnomish Magnetic Armor
    Half Plate +2
    Hide Armor +2
    Hide Armor +3
    Imaskari Shield
    Leather Armor +2
    Leather Armor +3
    Padded Armor +2
    Rogue Links
    Scale Mail +2
    Shukenja Helm
    Skin of the Manticore
    Studded Leather Armor +2
    Studded Leather Armor +4
    Tower Shield +2

    Haljal Thorondor, who sells:

    Arrows +1
    Arrows +2
    Bastard Sword +2
    Blade of the Rashemi
    Bolts +1
    Bolts +2
    Bullets +1
    Clangeddin’s Wayward Axe
    Dagger +2
    Darts +1
    Darts +2
    Darts of Stunning
    Deepstone Progeny
    Dragon’s Breath
    Dragon’s Tail
    Dragon Slayer
    Dwarven Waraxe +3
    Falchion +2
    Feyduster +1
    Flail +2
    Flail of Destruction
    Giant’s Bane
    Greataxe +2
    Greatsword +2
    Halberd +2
    Hammer of the Beast
    Handaxe +2
    Heavy Crossbow +2
    Ice Talon
    Kama +2
    Kukri +2
    Light Crossbow +2
    Light Hammer +2
    Longbow +2
    Long Sword +2
    Long Sword +3
    Mace +2
    Messenger Blade
    Morningstar +2
    Nature’s Scythe
    Northwind Bow
    Quarterstaff +2
    Rapier +2
    Ruby Crossbow
    Scimitar +2
    Scythe +2
    Short Sword +2
    Shortbow +2
    Shortbow +4
    Shurikens +1
    Shurikens +2
    Sickle +3
    Sling +2
    Spear +3
    Spear of Withering
    Stonefire Axe +2
    Stoutcorps Key
    Tempertuggin’s Ever Thrower
    Throwing Axes +1
    Throwing Axes +2
    Warhammer +2
    Warmace +2
    Will of the Lost

    He’ll also sell if you have the Blessed of Waukeen epithet:

    A Mad Gent’s Boots
    Balhodrie’s Constant Hearth
    Favor of Ilum Lura
    Graena’s Triumph
    Grainstone Belt
    Helm of Gram the Mouse
    Scattertrail Hide
    Shackles of Asenath
    The Industrious Hands of Pim
    Ysridain’s Touch
    Balance In All Things
    Black Stag Axe
    Bow of the Black Archer
    Churchman’s Cudgel
    Crescent Moon
    Devil’s Right Hand
    Dragonsblood Katana
    Hallowed Redeemer
    Hammer of the Marish
    Kharash Dur
    Little Death
    Mage Shield
    Phararoh’s Mace
    Plate Piercer
    Silk and Iron
    Spear of Death
    Storm of the Steppes
    The Left Hand
    The Sun’s Rays
    True Crossbow
    Verdant Crossbow
    Vile Drinker
    Whistling Sling
    White Dragon Bow
    Anagrys’ Shackle-Breaker
    Foot of the Lame Kobold

  2. Nya wants you to put the dead of Ember to rest, and gives you Wyrmsage for the task. She also sells:

    Belt of Agility +4
    Boots of the Sun Soul +3
    Bracers of Armor +3
    Cloak of Protection vs. Chaos
    Greater Battle Robe
    Greater Gloves of the Artificer
    Nymph Cloak +3
    Shar’s Belt of Priestly Might and Warding
    Amulet of Natural Armor +3
    Lesser Amulet of Health
    Nasher’s Ring of Strength
    Ring of Clear Thought +2
    Ring of Force Shield
    Ring of Fortitude +2
    Ring of Freedom of Movement
    Ring of Invisibility
    Ring of Protection +3
    Ring of Regeneration
    Ring of Wizardry (3)
    Rod of Thunder and Lightning
    The Wanderer’s Ring

  3. Two apparently insane Gnomes named Noduab and Enleva. The relevancy of their babbling will not become apparent until Act III.

  4. The Port Llast Garrison. The commander, Haeromos, bristles at your presence because he’s convinced that you’re guilty of the massacre. Pulling off a successful Bluff or Diplomacy skill check means that you’ll be able to question the surviving witness, Alaine. A good enough Diplomacy skill means that you can get her to acknowledge the possibility that it was somebody else disguised as you. Sand and Shandra become at odds with each other over whether she should be used at your upcoming trial, and you have a choice between gaining influence with one and losing influence with another. It is ultimately inconsequential since matters are destined to proceed through the same bottleneck anyway. Play this as you see fit.

  5. Four Guards are waiting for you outside of the Arms Alliance Inn, and want to exercise vigilante justice at your expense. You can either kill them, or use Diplomacy or Intimidate to get them to back down, which earns you 250 xp.

  6. Inside the Alliance Arms Inn are a number of people to speak to. Including:

    Felgor, the innkeeper, who tips you off the Elgun is telling tall tales.

    Calindra, who’d like you to find out what happened to her partner, Bradbury.  You won’t be able to find out until you proceed to a certain point within the Duskwood Grove.

    Malin, who relates that no deer for the hunting were to be found in the Duskwood and she was instead driven out by ferocious beasts like Dire Boars.

    Elgun, who’s spreading all kinds of wild tales related to the Ember massacre.  If you speak to Malin, Haljal at #1, and Alaine at #4, you’ll be able to point out discrepancies in his stories and then get him to recant publicly. This earns you 500xp.

  7. World Map Transitions. After speaking to Haeromos, Ember and Duskwood are now available on your world map. Time to head to Ember.
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