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Neverwinter Nights 2 Online Walkthrough by David Milward

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Caverns Beneath Ember

Caverns Beneath Ember Map

1.This leads back to the bottom of the well and to Ember.
2. Here you’ll meet a Goblin named Ulip. You can talk him into a meeting with the Goblin chief Glek. If you want to kill him, meaning the rest of the Goblins as well, he’ll leave behind the Gladiator’s Club +1.
3. Here is the Goblin Chief Glek. You can work out a deal with him.  Kill the neighbouring spiders and he’ll give you the Signet Ring of a Luskan assassin which can provide valuable evidence for your upcoming trial. If you decide to kill him and the rest of the Goblins instead, he’ll leave behind the Ring, as well as the Staff of Power and The Regal.Glek
4. Here you’ll find some Goblins lead by Drom, who are zealously guarding a Glowstone lying in a pool. The stone itself as you will soon see offers you some roleplaying choices. Taking it will certainly make the Goblins hostile and cause you to lose influence with Casavir and Elanee. Glowstone
  There is another nearby pool from which Grobnar can extract a Vial of Glowstone Water. This will become relevant if you want to make use of the damaged Blade Golem that you found in the Githyanki Base.
5. Here you’ll find the Glow Spiders that Glek wants you to kill. On a corpse in this cave you’ll find the Glorious Revolution. You’ll also find an ore deposit here.
6. Here you’ll find a huge spider named Kistrel. It wants you to find food, but you’ll have to progress further first, to a cave in the Duskwood Grove to be more specific.
7. Exit to the Duskwood.
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