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Neverwinter Nights 2 Online Walkthrough by David Milward

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Ruins of Arvahn:   Ruins of Arvahn  |  Temple of Four Seasons  |  Riverguard Keep Level 1  |  Riverguard Keep Level 2  |  Riverguard Keep Level 3  |  Gem Mines

Ruins of Arvahn

Ruins of Arvahn Map

  Your mission is to gain powers from an Illefarn Ritual that will enable you to meet the King of Shadows head on. On your way there, you’ll end up rescuing a man from a Malarite hunt. One of the Malarites will leave behind a Scimitar of Speed. You’ll also treated to a cinematic of the mysterious Warlock leading a legion of demons into the now apparently razed village of West Harbor. Ammon and Demons
1.World Map Transition
2.Here you’ll find some Orc Berserkers battling it out with Goblins. The first of the five statues that grant you the powers of the Ritual is nearby. It grants you the Aurora Chain power, which allows you to empower the weapons of your comrades to inflict extra positive energy damage.Statue and Orcs
3. Here you’ll find the Corpsewalker clan of Orcs led by Uthanstu Thin-Blood.  He’s apparently pissed that you offed Lougram, his kinsman. It is nonetheless pretty easy to work out a deal with him to kill a powerful Ogre Mage who’s taken control of a nearby keep. Of course, you could decide to wipe out him and his whole clan. He’ll leave behind the Ice Reaver +3. One of his shamans will leave behind The Ancient Sermon.
4.Entrance to the Temple of Four Seasons.Temple of Four Seasons
5. Here you’ll find a whole bunch of Ogres, Goblins and Orcs having it out with each other. Plaster them with as many area effect spells as you can before they close the distance. 
6. The entrance to the Riverguard Keep. You’ll find more Ogres and Goblins here. A few of the Goblins can cast clerical and arcane spells. Riverguard Keep
7.Here you’ll find the entrance to the Gem Mines.Gem Mines
8. Here is the Song Portal, which you can go through once you’ve obtained the blessings from all four of the Statues of Purification that can be found here. It ends up bringing you back to West Harbor, where everybody has apparently been slaughtered. Head for the World Map Transition at the south end of the area. West Harbor Dead
  Now you’ll find yourself back in the Mere of Dead Men. Head for the ruins on the far east side of the map, near the northeast corner.Mere Map
  Once inside, you’ll have to do battle with a Shadow Reaver, his undead minions, and a Shadow Priest. Among the booty you’ll find Robes of the Shining Hand +4, Ichthia’s Neck-Knife, an Amulet of Electrical Resistance and Remembrance. Take the Portal to return to the Ruins of Arvahn.
  Now speak to Aldanon in the Crossroad Keep. Ammon Jerro’s Haven will now appear on your world map. While you head there, you now get to watch a cinematic where the sinister new forms of Black Garius and his elite followers become apparent. Garius and Reavers
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