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Neverwinter Nights 2 Online Walkthrough by David Milward

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Act II:   Neverwinter  |  Return to Ember  |  Neverwinter Continued  |  Crossroad Keep  |  Ruins of Arvahn  |  Ammon Jerro's Haven

Ruins of Arvahn:   Ruins of Arvahn  |  Temple of Four Seasons  |  Riverguard Keep Level 1  |  Riverguard Keep Level 2  |  Riverguard Keep Level 3  |  Gem Mines

Gem Mines

Gem Mines Map

This area is loaded with undead. You’ll frequently run into hordes of Skeletons and Ghasts commanded by Balneorns. (i.e. Elven liches)

  1. Exit to the Ruins of Arvahn.

  2. Here you’ll find an Elven spirit named Balaur. He gives you some of the history that led to the creation of the King of Shadows. He’ll also explain how to access the Statue of Purification. You must bring 3 Dwarven spirits and 3 Elven spirits to the Communion Tree. They will however be blocked by Ghost Lights that are located at various points in the hallways. You must turn them off at appropriate points (more on this later) in order to guide them to the Tree. In the meantime, the bookcases hold plenty or arcane scrolls.

  3. Here you’ll find the first Elven spirit, who explains his rather personal association with the man who became the Guardian. Since he’s right next to the Tree, simply click on him again to take his place beside it.

  4. Here you’ll find the spirit of an Elven woman who of all the spirits probably has the most sympathy for the Guardian who became the King of Shadows since she was by his side as he underwent his painful transformation. In a nearby chest you’ll find the King’s Scythe.

  5. Here you’ll find a Dread Wraith guarding a chest. The chest itself holds a Mystran Belt of Priestly Might.

  6. Here you’ll find the spirit of a long dead Dwarven priest, who justifies his role in the creation of the Guardian. A nearby chest holds a Ring of Improved Evasion.

  7. Another Dwarven spirit who provides more background info.

  8. A chest with random loot.

  9. Here you’ll find another Dwarven spirit, who rather fondly recalls the battles against the King of Shadows and his role in them.

  10. Here you’ll find a Truly Horrid Umber Hulk, that leaves behind an Umber Hulk Hide when you’ve finished killing it.

  11. In this room you’ll do battle with a few wraiths.  There are some chests in the room, one of which holds a Courtesan’s Blade.

  12. In this room you’ll find an entity that is actually an amalgamation of the six Silken Sisters, the Elven bladesingers who initially assaulted the King of Shadows. Suffice to say, the spirit is bitter about what the King of Shadows did and welcomes the chance to find rest.

  13. Among the chests in this room you’ll find a Gem of Seeing and a Rune-inscribed Iron Piece which is relevant to the Blade Golem back at the basement of the Crossroad Keep.

  14. Communion TreeHere is the Communion Tree. To lead the spirits to their places beside the tree, you have to ‘hold their hands’ in a manner of speaking. Make sure you’ve killed all of the hostile undead first. The procedure is then this. Click on a spirit again after you’ve spoken with it. You should now notice that there is more than one way a spirit can go, which if you’ve left things alone will be ‘blocked’ by glowing ghost lights. Click on the set of ghost lights that mark the direction you want the spirit to travel in. That will turn the set of ghost lights off. Now click on the spirit again to have it travel in the direction desired.  Once it walks for a distance, turn that same set of ghost lights on again in order to prevent the spirit from back tracking. Now find the set of ghost lights that mark the direction you want the spirit to travel in. Once it has walked a certain distance, click on that same set of lights to prevent backtracking.  And so on. Repeat the process until the spirit reaches the room north of the Tree. At this point, make sure that the ghost lights at both the eastern and western doors of the room are turned on. Click on the spirit and it will take its place beside the Tree. Once all six spirits reach the Tree, they’ll join in unison to have the Tree reveal the Statue. The Statue confers your PC with the Soothing Light power, which allows you to bestow regeneration and the removal of negative energy levels on a single character.
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