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Neverwinter Nights 2 Online Walkthrough by David Milward

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Neverwinter Continued:   Aldanons Manse Main Level  |  Aldanons Manse Basement  |  Tavorick Estate  |  Moonstone Mask

Aldanon's Manse, Main Level

Aldanons Manse Main Level Map

On your way to the Manse, you’ll have to deal with a hostage situation. Marshall Cormick is being held captive by some thugs who’ve raided Aldanon’s place.  Sergeant Blackburn is holding the fort outside. You can deal with the thugs in straightforward fashion, but at the cost of Cormick’s life. Or you can try negotiations whereby you barter the thugs’ freedom in return for Cormick’s life. The early phases require modest skill checks (e.g. Spellcraft or Intimidate). Convincing Blackburn to go along with it requires a very high Diplomacy check. If you succeed, you’re confronted with a roleplaying choice to observe the deal in good faith or back out of it once Cormick is safe. The former earns lawful points, while the latter can earn you Chaotic or even Evil points.

  1. Exit to the Blacklake District.

  2. The library. In a bookcase you’ll find On the Crafting of Mystical Garb for all Climes.

  3. Some thugs are here threatening the Butler. Once you enter the room, one of them will go straight for the Butler. If you can kill the thugs and keep the Butler alive, you’ll also get 500xp.

  4. A large group of thugs are here. One of them carries the Ladymist Talon.

  5. Stairs leading to the basement at #1.

  6. Where the party emerges from the basement after taking the stairs at #3.
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