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Neverwinter Nights 2 Online Walkthrough by David Milward

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Neverwinter:   Docks District  |  Merchant Quarter  |  Blacklake District  |  Temple of Lathander  |  Collectors Mansion Level 1  |  Collectors Mansion Level 2  |  Bryce Crypt

Blacklake District

Blacklake District Map

  1. Upon arriving in the District for the first time, you’ll be greeted by Sergeant Brockenburn, who gives you some lowdown.

  2. Entrance to the Temple of Lathander.

  3. Here you’ll find a Gnome artist Pepin Pollo who becomes smitten with Shandra and wants to paint her portrait. This represents an opportunity to gain influence with Shandra, but likely at the expense of influence with other female party members.

  4. Cain LethellonHere is a chance to match musical skills with a cocky lutist named Cain Lethellon. The idea is a musical playoff, with Cain’s instrument as the prize. This is much easier to pull off if you’re a Bard that can pull Perform checks, or have Grobnar in your party to recount the sequences for you. Nonetheless the correct sequences of notes for each tune are '44124754', '234451122', '2332233175' and '35345272725'. Note that after successfully pulling off each tune, you have a chance to make a skill check to make Cain look bad in front of the audience. You often have more than one option and a successful check means that you definitely get the better of it in that round.  Examples include Diplomacy, Perform, Appraise, Intimidate and Taunt. You don’t have to succeed every single round. One is enough. If you win, you get 250xp and the Golden Lute of Shazar as the prize.

  5. Here you’ll find Kiggo, somebody who’s keeping a number of Imps imprisoned in crates. You’ll also find nearby an Imp named Jenks who’s bent of freeing them. Kiggo will chase him away, and Jenks will later reappear at #9.

  6. Here is a merchant named Dayne Lynneth, who sells:

    Boots of Hardiness +2
    Boots of Reflexes +3
    Boots of Striding +4
    Bracers of Armor +2
    Bracers of Armor +3
    Bracers of the Blinding Strike +4
    Cloak of Fortification +2
    Cloak of Protection +2
    Cloak of Resistance +3
    Cloak of the Bat
    Gauntlets of Ogre Power
    Gloves of the Hin First +3
    Gloves of the Yellow Rose +2
    Nymph Cloak +4
    Dagger +2
    Quarterstaff +3
    Amulet of the Master
    Amulet of Vitality +2
    Amulet of Will +2
    Ring of Clear Thought +2
    Ring of Clear Thought +3
    Ring of Fortitude +2
    Ring of Fortitude +4
    Ring of Protection +2
    Ring of the Ram
    Ring of Wizardry (5)

    If you have the Merchant’s Friend epithet, you’ll also be able to buy:

    A Mad Gent’s Gloves
    Armor of Gram the Mouse
    Balhodrie’s Eelskin Boots
    Grainstone Gloves
    Head of the Lame
    Scattertrail Boots
    The Sturdy Feet of Pim
    Axe of the Surly Woodsman
    Bone Breaker
    Dervish Sword
    Falling Star
    Falling Thunder Storm
    Giant Feller
    Hammer and Nails
    Honor’s Edge
    Locust Crossbow
    Mithral Mirror
    Mockery of Mail
    Old Hickory
    St. Sollar’s Mace
    Tempest Caller
    The Bloody Hand
    The Dark Blade
    The Dove
    The Mower
    The Slow Blade
    Vengeance of Asenath
    Anagrys’ Slave Collar
    Graena’s Bond
    Heart of Ilum Lura
    Ysridain’s Soul

  7. Of interest to Neeshka, after talking to Tasha in the Docks District, is a heist on the Collector’s Mansion. Here it is.

  8. Here you’ll find a child name Kyli Bryce who suspects that there’s more beneath the surface to what appears to be a Halloween type party. It boils down to him wanting you to get his sister, Lisbet, out of there before its too late. Hence entry to the Bryce Crypt.

  9. Where Jenks reappears after Kiggo chases him away.  He will now give you a Kennel-Keeper’s Key with the invitation to free the other Imps from their crates. Doing so earns you 10 Chaotic points, and scrolls of Fireball, Lightning Bolt and Cone of Cold from Jenks. Not doing so means that Jenks will do it himself and the subsequently freed Imps will be hostile towards you.

  10. The estate which is the subject of a quest received either from Breilana or from Axle.

  11. Entrance to Castle Neverwinter.
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